well im back and im here to tell you about another day.
period 1 was religion and all we did was homework i finished it fast so i had about 30 min of doin absolutly nothing.
period 2 was computer science so i finished my next project with the help of a friend of 2 and printed it out so now all i have to do is wait for the teacher to give everyone there next project.
period 3 was wildlife and all we did was go for a walk just because the teacher said if we go ice fishing we have to get used to the cold weather.
period 4 was history and all we did was notes i also studied for my independent project which i think im gonna do on hitler and how he killed the jews.
period 5 was english we had a substistute so i decided to do no work in the class but tryed my best to act like a good student but that didnt last long so i started talkin to people.
well that was that day hope you stay tuned for the next journal about my day.