1. How much gold do you have?
2. How much gold do you wish to have?
3. Are you questing something?
4. If so what?
5. How much more gold do you need till you have enough to get your questing item?
6. Whats the third letter of your first name?
7. Can you stand on your hands?
8. How many seconds?
9. how old are you?
10. What is the most interesting thing you've done today?
11. Do you ever find pictures in the clouds?
12. Do you remember your dreams?
13. What are some of your dreams? (If you cant remember your dreams just scream)
14.Do you dream in color or black and white?
15. Which is your favorite emotion?
16. Have you ever been out of the country?
17. If so where? (If not punch yourself in the face)
18. Do you like flowers?
19. What time is it where you are?
20. What is your favorite brand of shoes?
21. Can you multi task?
22. Do you shave your legs?
23. Who are you with right now?
24. Who do you wish you were with right now?
25. What was the last thing you read?
26. What type of car do you drive, or if you don't drive, what type of car do you want to drive?
27. Do you prefer reading or watching television?
28. What is your favorite forum?
29. Why do you like that forum?
30. What was the last forum you posted in?
31. Do you prefer shoes, sandals, or bare-feet?
32. What is the fourth letter of your state (or province)?
33. Witch color do you mostly type in?
34. What is your favorite song?
35. How do you like your hamburgers?
36. Who do you love?
37. Who is your favorite author?
38. What toppings would you have on your pizza?
39. Do you like macaroni and cheese?
40. Whats the weather like outside?
41. Why do you like Gaia?
42. How long have you been a member of Gaia?
43. Do you like candles or electric lights better?
44. Whats the most romantic setting?
45. Whats your favorite sport to watch?
46. Glasses, contacts, or neither?
47. Have you eaten since you took this quiz?
48. If so what? (If not wish you had)
49. Was it good?
50. Can I have some?
51. Do you like balloons?
52. What are you afraid of?
53. At the grocery store, do you pick paper or plastic bags?
54. Are you right or left handed?
55. Do you flame much?
56. Do you receive flames often?
57. What pets do you have?
58. How many pets do you have?
59. What are their names?
60. Is there a pet you wish you had?
61. Which is your least favorite emotion?
62. Boxers, briefs, underwear or thongs? (If you go commando slap yourself)
63. Would you rather play, or listen to music?
64. What kind of toothpaste do you use?
65. Have you ever Prank Called Someone
66. Have you ever prank called 911? ((not a good idea))
67. Have you ever called 911 because it was a real emergency?
68. Do you have a messy room?
69. What is your deepest darkest secret ever? ((dont have to tell if you dont want to))
70. Have you ever eaten squid?
71. What color is your hair?
72. What color are your eyes?
73. Do you look anyting like your avatar?
74. What are you currently saving up for in real life?
75. Have you ever played Neopets?
76. If you have, what did you think about it?
77. How many cousins do you have?
78. What language do you want to learn?
79. Do you cuss often?
80. What color are the socks you are currently wearing?
81. What is your least favorite food?
82. Have you ever eaten duck?
83. What is your favorite thing to say?
84. What is your favorite thing to type?
85. Do you have a retainer?
86. Do you wear hats often?
87. Do you like to wear dresses
88. Have you ever snowboarded?
89. Have you ever seen the movie Pirates of the Caribbean?
90. Have you ever seen a Broadway play?
91. If so, what was it?
92. What do you do most on Gaia?
93. Have you ever won the lottery?
94. Spongebob or The Simpsons?
95. Would you consider yourself a "dark" person?
96. Have you ever signed a petition?
97. If so, what for?
98. What channel do you watch most on TV?
99. Sneakers of flip-flops?
100. What is your favorite day of the week?
101. What is your least favorite day of the week?
102. If you could change your name, what would it be?
103. What is the most frequently used button on your keyboard?
104. Do you have long or short hair?
105. Are you a virgin?
106. What year were you born?
107. Concrete or Asphalt?
108. Are your parents married or divorced?
109. MP3 or compact discs?
110. What are you allergic to? (If your allergic to nothing just sneeze)
111. How much gold do you have now?
112. Who is you favorite actress/actor?
113. Is this boring?
114. How old are you?
115. What is your dream career?
116. Have you ever been arrested?
117. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend in real life?
118. Do you believe in having boyfriend/girlfriend? On here (I think that Gaia is not a dating service)
143. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? On here
119. Whats your favorite Movie?
120. TV show?
121. Color?
122. Number?
123. Book?
124. Game?
125. Band?
126. Song?
127. Animal?
128. Person?
129. Sport?
130. Season?
131. Why are you doing this?
132. What one thing on Gaia do you want the most?
133. Do you like Wal-Mart?
134. How tall are you?
135. what kind of computer do you have? (like I have a dell)
136. How many friends do you have on Gaia?
137. How many items do you have?
138. How many items to you have equipped right now?
139. Do you do surveys often?
140. Have you made your own survey before?
141. What do you mostly do on Gaia?
142. Do you role play?
143. How many characters have you played?
144. Are you new to Gaia?
145. Do you like to draw?
146. Im sorry Im trying to make this survey as long and tiring as I can so no one will possibly finish are you enjoying it?
147. Whats in your sig right now?
148. Has your sig always been the same?
149. If it hasn't, what has it been before?
150. Do you change your avi a lot?
151. Do you fish on here?
152. If so, gotten any rares?
153. What kind of rod do you have?
154. Witch rod do you think is the best?
155. Have you exchanged any fish for anything good?
156. How many rare events have you gotten?
157. Have you ever played slots?
158. Have you gotten anything with your tickets?
159. Are you saving up your tickets for something?
160. If so what?
161. Are you a boy or a girl?
162. Do you have a journal?
163. If not did you know you can have one?
164. If you have a journal how many times have you posted in your journal?
165. Have you ever done the hang out thing?
166. If so, have you done today?
167. Are you apart of a guild?
168. Do you own a guild?
169. If you are apart of more then one guild, how many are you apart of?
170. What are they called?
171. Do you have a house on gaia?
172. If you do, does it have a lot of stuff in it?
173. Do you own a shop?
174. Do you like using the emoticons?
175. Are you a poll whore?
176. Have you gone poll whoreing lately?
177. Have you been in an avi contest before?
178. Are you engaged?
179. Are you married?
180. If so, congrats! Do you have kids?
181. Which continent do you live on?
182. Do you live with your parents?
183. Do you have siblings?
184. What color is your room?
185. Do you like ice cream?
186. Whats your favorite kind of ice cream?
187. Do you like to dance?
188. Do you like to sing?
189. Do you like music?
190. Do you hate a kind of music?
191. What is your favorite type of candy?
192. Do you like popcorn?
193. How much gold do you have now?
194. Are you getting irritated with the questions yet?
195. Do you have a favorite soda drink?
196. Whats your favorite soda drink?
197. Have you tried an alcoholic drink before?
198. Do you like Kool-Aid?
199. If yes then, whats your favorite kind of Kool-Aid?
200. Do you collect stuffed animals?
201. If not, did you used too?
202. Do you collect scented candles?
203. If so, whats for favorite?
204. Do you have a favorite animal; you can't keep as a pet?
205. What is it called?
206. Do you like your name?
207. Do you like it so much, you own stuff with your name on it?
208. Do you have a job?
209. What kind of job is it?
210. Will you be returning to school?
211. What are your school colors?
212. Does your school have dances?
213. Do you have any piercings?
214. If so, how many?
215. If you have lots, where?
216. Do you have a tattoo?
217. What is it of?
218. Broken any bones?
219. If so, what bones did you break?
220. Have you ever broken anyone elses bones?
221. Sprain anything?
222. If so, what did you sprain?
223. Do you own your own computer?
224. Do you own your own phone?
225. Do you have cable/digital cable/satellite in your room?
226. How many vhs movies do you own?
227. How many DVDs do you own?
228. How many cds do you own?
229. Do you still have cassette tapes?
230. If so how many do you have?
231. Getting tired of this yet?
232. You think I can go further?
233. How much gold do you have now?
234. Are you regretting doing this?
235. Are you determined to finish this no matter what?
236. Are your fingers crapping from answering these questions?
237. Gonna tell anyone about this?
238. Have you told anyone yet?
239. Being outdoors or being inside
240. Cookies or ice cream?
241. McDonalds or Burger King?
242. Fast food or restaurant?
243. Dairy Queen or TCBY?
244. Theme parks or fairs?
245. Rides or games?
246. Water parks or roller coaster rides?
247. Love or Lust?
248. Family or Friends?
249. The sun or The Moon?
250. Books or TV?
251. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
252. Mulan or Brother Bear?
253. Pink or Red?
254. Blue or Green
255. Shoes or Sandals?
256. Alone or with someone?
257. Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan?
258. Romance or Comedy?
259. Paper view or renting a video?
260. Taking pictures or video taping?
261. Computer or laptop?

Have you ever

262. Been Sick?
263. Told someone you loved them?
243. Been told your loved?
265. Hated someone?
266. Been called a b***h?
267. Been told your pretty?
268. Been told your ugly?
269. Been told your fat?
270. Hurt yourself by accident?
271. Hurt yourself on purpose?
272. Read a book?
273. Missed anyone?
274. Wished to be alone?
275. Wanted candy?
276. Ate any candy?
277. Saw a ghost?
278. Been on a date?
279. Went shopping?
280. Smoked a cigarette?
281. Ridden on a subway?
282. Made a frog out of clay?
283. looked under your bed to see if there is a monster before you go to sleep?
284. Written a book?
285. If you have do tell what the name of it is and ii will read it.
286. broke curfew?
287. Been kissed?
288. feelings hurt?
289. hurt someones feelings?
290. Got into a fight?
291. Watch something on the news and find out someones missing?

Do you like....

292. Mulan?
293. Brother Bear?
294. The Little mermaid?
295. Tarzan?
296. Pizza?
297. Cheese?
298. Ice Cream?
299. Harry Potter?
300. Lord of the Rings?
301. A Series of Unfortunate Events?
302. Dogs?
303. Fish?
304. 50 Cent?
305. Gaia?
306. Chatter box forum
307. Rap?
308. Country?
309. Hip Hop?

Do you wish you could?

310. Fly?
311. Breathe Under Water?
312. Stop these Questions?
313. Be a super hero?
314. be invisible
315. run at the speed of light?
316. Do something you've never done?
317. Have a magic ability?
318. Be a superheroes sidekick?
319. Walk in someone elses shoes?
320. Make world peace?
321. End world hunger?
322. Make the hungry not hungry?
323. Find a cure for an incurable disease?
324. Hire a maid to clean your room?

325. Can you do back flips?
326. Have you ever seen a fairy?
327. Would you walk 100miles to see someone you love for 20 minutes
328. Are you going to keep going?
329. Describe your perfect date.
330. Have you ever smoked pot?
331. If you had a chance to go on a trip where would it be to?
332. Do you believe in love at first sight?
333. What's your lest favorite chore?
334. Do you even have chores?
335. How much gold do you think you would have if you never bought anything?
336. What's your Gaian Username?
337. How much gold do you have?
338. What does your dream avi have on it?
339. Do you drink alcohol?
340. What is your Mom's middle name?
341. What is your Dad's first name?
342. What month where you born in?
343. Name the 7th month.
344. What do your parents call your Grandma?
345. Do you wear diapers?
346. Do you like KiKi Kitty's?
347. Have you ever slept with a blankie?
348. What age where you when you stopped wetting the bed?
349. How did you find out Gaia was a site?
350. Are you active?
351. How much gold do you have?
352. How much more gold do you have now? (do the math!)
353. Are you doing these in separate posts? ((you better))
354. What is your favorite kind of dog?
355. What is your favorite website?
356. Type a random word.
357. Do you think the end is coming up?
358. Do you have a mule?
359. Have you ever kissed a big spider?
360. Do you donate to your friends?
361. What is your favorite letter?
362. Where is your computer located?
363. Have you ever choked on a gumball?
364. Have you ever got stung by a bee?
365. Have you ever had warts?
366. Have you ever had zits?
367. Do you use face cleanser?
368. If you do is it clean and clear?
369. Have you ever had a accident in your bed after the age of 10?
370. Have you ever sneaked into a movie without buying a ticket?
371. Have you ever hacked someones account?
372. Have you ever talked to yourself out loud in school?
373. Have you ever got coal for Christmas?
374. Have you ever accidently flushed your favorite thing in a toilet?
375. After Christmas or Easter, have you ever seen Santa's or the Easter Bunny's footprints around the house?
376. Have you ever slept with a blankie?
377. Have you ever punched your mom or dad?
378. Have you ever seen a UFO?
379. Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?
380. How long are your showers?
381. Do you like getting mail?
382. Do you like cheese?
383. how many posts do you post a day?
384. Bump once

Now I will say a nonsense word and you will tell me the first thing you think of

385. loshfa
386. gushiy
387. kujubee
388. flacanise
389. har
390. jumba
391. verbsatium
392. jub jub

393. Can you dive?
394. Whats your worst fear?
395. Do you like someone?
396. Whats their name?
397. Are you in love?
398. Do you believe in love?
399. What do you like most about Gaia?
400. Whats the scariest thing you've done?
401. Are you listening to music right now?
402. If so, what kind?
403. Do you know how many pints are in a gallon?
404. Do you hate me for typing so many questions yet?
405. How much gold do you have now?
406. How much more do you think youll get?
407.Why did you choose that user name?
408. So, are you gonna stick around to get in the Hall of fame?
409. Take the poll if you havent already.
410. Are you observant?
411. Positive or negative?
412. Do you have more gaia friends then real life friends?
413. Do you remember what question 12 was?
414. Do you like the movie Napoleon Dynamite?
415. What is your favorite website?
416. Is this quiz stupid?
417. Is it getting boring?
418. What is your favorite cereal?
419. Can you force yourself to burp?
420. Where would you like to go in the world?
421. What are you going to do when you finish this quiz?
422. What time is it now?
423. What time did you start this quiz?
424. What time do you think you'll finish?
425. Did you know that it is not even half over yet?
426. Have you done things you wish you could take back?
427. Do you wish some people could just go away?
428. Do you ever wish time could stop?
429. Do you wish I would just go away?
430. How much gold do you have now?

Okay now make up your own questions and answer then for the next 30 I dont care if you repeat