Well it was an amusing day at work. Tiring as usual, but full of laughs. The day started out when I got ot work at around 8:15 this morning. I didn't have to clock in till 8:25 since when I closed last night I didn't get off till 12:25. I was over in the electronics area and it was pretty much slammed when I got there. SO many people asking for things in the ad that we were sold out of. Some of the people asked the same question,"Why do you have it in the ad if you don't have it in the store?" AFter about a few horus I just bluntly said,"It isn't our fault that you showed up a few hours and a day late." A guest behind me busted out in laughter. After a while, a few managers came over to help me put up reshop because it seems that everytime I put up a cart, more and mroe seems to make its way back there. So they helped me put up a cart of movies and DVDs. Not only that, but we had a few accidents of having things in our inventory, but ghost numbers showing that we had the item, but they weren't in the back. So we had a field day for a few hours trying to find things like season 1 of House, and other things. It was just like a parade of guests coming up one after the other. The bad thing is, I never even heard of "Black Friday" until I started working for Target. It was pretty much an adrenaline rush these past two days. Today, I was finding things and handing them to guests like throwing kunais at trees. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.They asked for something and I found in in like a secodn and handed it to them within the same moment they asked. As my work day was about to narrow down, a guest came up to me asking if we had a certain kind of CD in stock, well spanish music CDs. I explained to her that if we had it, that it'd be blended in with the other music. Then she started talking to me about buying a planner and how she would use it for dates and doctors appointments. Then she started hinting on how she was going to go to the club. The bad thing is, she was teasing me. She had on a frilly white shirt. Like the kind that Spanish flamenco female dancers wear. (Yeah, you liked that reference. Who knows of Flamenco dancers nowadays. Lawlz.) The thing is that she just kept talking to me and leaning over, knowing that I would be trying to avoid looking down and she kpet smiling at me.I'm thinking in my mind,"WRRRYYYYYYYYY...." Then she winked at me and said that she'd be seeing me around. After she left, the guests that were behind her said that she was trying to hit on me. I told them that I knew. They agreed and pointed at the blood trickling from my nose. @_______@