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Warriors, My own version
Hawkpaw awoke with the sun shining in her eyes, the birds singing and the squirrels rustiling about. She stretched and yawned wide with her small jaws. She prodded Jaggedpaw with her paw. "Get up or you're going to get us in trouble! Get up you mousebrain!" Jaggedpaw gently sat up, dazed by the sunlight and stared at her dark brown sister under the bright sunlight. "I thought you were hibernating like those bears do!" yelped Hawkpaw. "Sorry, I was out traning really late," Jaggedpaw responded in the middle of a yawn. "C'mon! Barktail is going to be waiting!" "Fine..." mewed Jaggedpaw.
They raced through the trees into a clearing of sand with a single, lonely oak tree in the center. Barktail was sitting up straight with his eyes shut, obviously dozing. "Barktail! We're here!" yelled Hawkpaw. "I was aware of your presence, Hawkpaw. Try to keep your voice low, we are very near to ShadowClan territory." replied Barktail as he gently prodded over to the apprentices. "Well, ShadowClan could come out here for all I care! I could whip them out like that!" she replied as she snapped a twig under her paw. "That would be their tiny little bones under my strength!" she said defiently. "Or under your weight..." Jaggedpaw muttered under her breath. "So, what are we doin' today Barktail?" Hawkpaw questioned. "Today we are going to learn how to catch fish, as a member of RiverClan, it is required you learn how to catch our only prey source." "Aww," said Hawkpaw, "That's something a kit would learn!" "Maybe, but you must become very good at it or else when you grow older-" "Like you?" Hawkpaw interrupted. "Yes, anyways, when you grow older, you may forget what you were taught as a kit so you learn again as an apprentice." "Ohhh..." replied Hawkpaw. As the three cats streamed through the trees to the river, Jaggedpaw couldn't help noticing how tired and beaten Barktail looked. His fur was normally sleek and he was usually well fed. The Clan has plenty of food, why is Barktail so thin and worn out? When they got to the river, Hawkpaw ran up and stuck her head into the water. She lifted her head out of the water and snorted the water out of her nostrils. She looked a bit embarresed but kept her head high then snorted again. "That's why you don't stick any part of your body into the river except for the paw you're using to fish with," Jaggedpaw commented. "That's right Jaggedpaw," Barktail praised. Hawkpaw snorted again but Jaggedpaw wasn't sure if it was because she still had water in her nose or if she was jeolous. "Now, could you each catch a fish for me? Pretend I am a hungry, weak, RiverClan elder." meowed Barktail. "But I thought you already were all of those things..." Hawkpaw said with a bewidered look on her face. Barktail sighed and looked at Jaggedpaw with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, shining like the sun did that morning. Jaggedpaw trotted up to the river. She sat down and stared very motionless into the river. The only thing moving was her flank which was from her breathing. Then, she saw a striped fish and swatted her paw into the water and clawed the fish's belly. "Here you go Barktail, eat up! You need it," Jaggedpaw said as she nosed the fish towards the warrior. "Really, it was just for pretend, Jaggedpaw," "I know, please Barktail, eat it." When Hawkpaw went up to fish, Barktail finally started eating the fish. Jaggedpaw sat next to her mentor, proud that she was his apprentice, he was kind, strong and taught you a lot without being mean. She wanted to go and muzzle him but she didn't because she knew that would look very un-profesional. "I can't catch one," Hawkpaw complained. "This is why we are learning the teqnique again," meowed Barktail. Barktail began teaching Hawkpaw so Jaggedpaw decided to rest in the sun. A while later she finally got the hang of catching the fish and the cats headed back to camp. To be continued...

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RiverClan is my home. RiverClan is where my loyalty lies. RiverClan is my strength.
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