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My life in black and white
I know i am not the most normal of people and many may not take the time to understand me...but this is going to let you take a walk into my dark and distorted mind...
Character Sketch 1
Name: Ryane Blaze
Nickname: b***h
Birth Date: 29 Feb. 1984
Birth Time: 3:27 am
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Astrology: Pisces
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Creature: Were-fox
Born or Created: Created
If created, bitten where?: High left inner thigh
Knows Creater?: Yes, ex-boyfriend
Rouge or Tame?: Rouge
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Wavy
Highlights: Red Tips
Hair Length: Mid-back
Eye Color: Violet
Eye Shape: Large Almond
Blood Type: A-
Occupation: Criminal Investigator
Height: 5' 3.6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Body Type: Slim, delicate
Body Build: Slight muscle build on legs and stomache. Firm Shoulders and biceps.
Skin Tone: Caramel Creme
Prefered Music: Country, soft rock, classical, musicals
Prefered reading: Romance, non-fiction science, fiction romance, creature fiction
Likes: Quiet places, quiet people, being outside at night, reading, drinking tea.
Dislikes: Loud places, loud and obnoxious people, being bothered over things deemed "ignorant", being bothered while reading, novels that depict lycanthropes and vampires improperly, sweets.
-Positive: Compationate, adaptable, accepting, devoted, imagionative, witty, clever, original.
-Negative: Stubborn, unemotional, sarcastic, rebellious, aloof, oversensitive, indecisive, self-pitying, lazy.
Biography: Ryane lives alone in a single story house near the outskirts of a small town in West Virginia. She works as a criminal investigator for the state. Unknown to the people of the state, there is an organization that keeps them safe from things that only a small child could dream of in nightmares. She works along side human, vampires, and other lycanthropes like herself to protect the innocent of the state, and many times other states to do the same job.
Insight to past:
Ryane had dated a man for three years before discovering what he was. She was a born human, and he was a born were-fox. She didn't believe him until he had shifted in front of her. Wanting to run, she turned but didn't make it very far due to her boyfriend's strength and speed. He has shifted back in to his human form and attempted to "mate" with her, wanting her to be his forever. He bit her on the high left inner thigh in order to turn her and make her one of his kind. It worked, but the relationship was short lived after that. He had ended the relationship with her due to her unwillingness to give herself to him. When she was 15, Ryane gained the title of a rouge lycanthrope, and had become another target of an unknown predator.
After causing some trouble for an organization known as the Human-Creature Protection Alliances (HCPA), Ryane was taken in to custody. She was given warnings repeatedly to stop causing havoc and killing off humans and creatures alike, or else she would be killed. After the final warning was issued, a killing rampage occured that had framed her. The HCPA brought her in for the final time and had been ready to issue a death penalty to her. It was to be done in Arizona, away from humanity where no one would ever fine the body. She had pleaded innocent to the act and made a deal to help find who ever really went on the killing spree in exchange for her life. Six months later, she was freed of the charge, but had been asked to become part of the organization. She was hesitant, but agreed. She's been a member of the organization for 6 years and has grown to lvoe the work that she does.

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