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The Journal of the Mistress
Entry 288: Alright... Gaia's Confusing Me
I'm trying to add a new video to my profile, but I can't figure out where the Multimedia is. xp Does anyone have a clue? I can't locate anything in the Q&A either, which means that I'm either blind, or it's still available.

Alright! What's been happenin'? I saw Twilight the day it came out. xd The acting was horrible. I couldn't stand Kristin Stewart, and they made Jacob hot! gonk The movie didn't follow the book mostly. I was getting angry because the director said she was trying to make it as close as the book as possible! I went with Sheila, and we were pointing out all of the events that the movie didn't have and were important! xd Maybe I'm just overreacting. I don't know. The ending followed the book pretty well except the Bella part. I won't spoil it any further in case some of you didn't see it yet.

School's ending in 2 weeks! (Yay!) I finished Photoshop with the exception of one more person posting their work, and I have to critique it. xd Co-op is ending Friday too. I'm kinda at a lost because it seems like Jeff (my supervisor) doesn't want me to work back there anymore. crying He did the introduction thing again. This time, he didn't even introduce me! IT WAS A CUTE ASIAN GUY TOO!!! gonk He said, "This is my assistant Debbie!" Debbie said hello. Then Jeff looked at me and continued to say, "Anyway, here's the problem...." Didn't even bother! crying There have been two days, where he's farted and I had to sit in my seat and endure that awful smell! He should have AT THE VERY LEAST say, "This is Kelli!" But NOOOO... stare Anyway, I have to talk to my dad about what to do there after Co-Op is completed.

In ASP.NET programming, we have to create our own website and present it to the class. You all know how I just LOVE presentations. stare As soon as I get up there, I forget everything. Continuing to make me look more like an idiot. xp I honestly don't know how we are supposed to present this thing. I mean are we supposed to talk about the site? I don't think that's what he wants more so if everything's working correctly. Who knows...

Well Christmas is coming up! Well, the malls have been finished decorating since October. Don't ask me why. Did you all hear about how that a guy was killed when the customers were breaking through the NY Walmart? xd I know it's awful, but what a horrible way to die! So far, I got one gift for Brandon, my mom, and my dad. I like my mom's gift the best. xd It has the worst picture of Kirk yelling, and the words on it says, "KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" rofl I still want to get them more stuff, and I need to get Boomer something and a couple of friends. I think I'm just going to give Gaia people 20K of gold for Christmas. xd I honestly don't spend any time on here anymore to pick out gifts.

After all of my Christmas is done, I'm going to start fixing up my Malon outfit. I'm really excited about it too! I will have the Cucco scaring all of the Links in the building! Mwhahaha!

In case you (SEVI) couldn't find me in the video, here's a link to the picture. Thankfully, Amanda knew the girl who took my picture, and I asked her if she could get me the picture. smile


Mistress Ayeka
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    Sevi Rais
    Community Member

    Sun Nov 30, 2008 @ 05:46am

    The multimedia link is there and people ask about it all the time. It was missing for a while but it can only be obtained if you set your profile to "classic" and check your account setting preferences and see the "available" link under the timezone. 3nodding


    Yeah, it's a pain. I don't know why they did that either.

    I didn't see Twilight yet. But I don't want it to follow the book that much. I've read the book, why would I want to see the same thing I already read? haha. Sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn't. It all depends. Some people liked it and some didn't. I like all the actors in it, though.

    HAHA, you had to endure his FARTS and he didn't even introduce your name? hehe. I'm sooo sooorry. whee But it's okay. Maybe he was eager to get on the project.

    Well for presenting, just remember that everyone has to do it so don't be fearful but bring plenty of small notes for yourself so you don't get lost on introducing your project. I have to have notes when I do presentations too. I'm not very good at public speaking because I can't remember all the points I want to make but if I had a cue card that reminded me, it helps more.

    Christmas is coming early for all stores to help with the Christmas shopping since people are claiming that they won't be buying that many gifts this year because of all the financial troubles the country is in. More people are starting to save up instead of spend, or pay off debt. It's getting really hard out there. So the stores are trying to help their profits by bringing out the Christmas decorations waaay early. Yep.

    I didn't shop on Black Friday even though I was AT THE MALL at the time. lol. I was working for 5 hours (11-4) but I was SO TIRED after all that that I just wanted to go home and sleep. hehe. My feet were killing me (they still are.) ugh

    I heard about the guy at Walmart. Gives a whole new way to look at the cartoons where the animated guy gets trampled and we think it's funny. Rather morbid. ): I think that if people were at the door, like, clawing to get in (I'm assuming) I'd WAIT there and make them back up a few feet so I can dive out of the way. It's WALMART not the Taj Mahal. Geesh. xd

    Oh cool Malon! She's a great character! I'd love to see that outfit too! whee Man, I wanna be playing some OoT right now. Too bad I don't have that game anymore. waaah

    OMG, I thought that was you for some reason! WHY? Because I have a friend (she's on Gaia too!) and she looks SO much like you do! Isn't that funny?! xd

    Mistress Ayeka
    Community Member

    Mon Dec 01, 2008 @ 07:37pm

    Thanks! xd

    Maybe your friend looks like me because she's me! twisted JK!

    I can see where people don't want to spend as much money, but if you think about it. It's just the people who aren't paying off their debt, getting loans they know they can't pay back, etc. Plus, the US needs to stop importing more than exporting. xd That's the big problem!

    Well with this presentation... it's like how are we supposed to talk? He's not giving us any paper that tells us what he's looking for. Last time, he told us to present our exams to the class! sweatdrop I just stood up there, clicked on a few buttons I programmed, and didn't say a word throughout the whole thing. xd It's the same thing, I think.

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