heart heart I meet a boy on the bus today. His name is Taylor Giles. He got his new car Saturday October 11, 2008. He asked me out that Monday on October 13, 2008 when he first started to pick me up from my house to school, and to school back to my house. He came over that Saturday to meet my parents and he asked me if me and him could go and walk the property instead we went to his car and he gave me a present. It was a really golden diamond necklace, i was so happy i wanted to kiss him but i hugged him instead. Then after a while of him staying at my house for a couple of hours i went to his house to meet his parents they were really nice. It was really fun i had a lot of fun, and plus we've been going out ever since. Its been exactly 2 and 1/2 months and everything is going great. I Love Him So Much. heart heart