Okay, I have to get this out my system before I use words NOBODY should! xp
Cloud Strife: Emo or Stereotyped? STEREOTYPED FOR FREAK'S SAKE! Imagine yourself in Cloud's shoes okay? You've JUST lost someone EXTREMELY close to you, whether it be a parent, grandparent, or a friend who back stabbed you or actually died. HOW THE FRICK WOULD YOU FEEL? I know for a solid FACT, that I wouldn't be dancing cause they're dead or betraying me! Geez! Get off Nomura's effing back for making Cloud a NORMAL human, okay! If you don't have emotions like sadness, depressions, anger, and such, then you must be a robot or something! Cause all humans feel some kind of emotion when a person is hurt, lost, killed, and so forth. So grow a brain please!