1. Who/what you are: shake it
2. How you see life: mind in the gutter
3. Your personality is: luv addict
4. You like: sneaker night
5. There's nothing like: so what
6. You hate: stronger
7. What people think of you: girlfriend
8. What you think of people: video girl
9. Your future will be: shut up and drive
10. Your past was: year 3000
11. You wish: low
12. What makes you think of love: get freaky
13. The song that describes your lovelife: dance dance
14. You secretly want: rockstar by prima j
15. The kind of guys/girls you like are: the anthem
16. You will die because of: piece of me
17. When you were born your parents thought: numa numa
18. Your significant other is/will be: teenagers
19. On your worst day you're: the middle
20. On your best day you're: sexy back
21. Your dreams are: 7 things
22. What your crush thinks about you: feedback
23. Will you have kids: s.o.s.
24. Will you get married: london bridge
25. The song your death will be most like: our time now