alright today is the first day of my life story journals. how this works is im gonna explain to u ppl reading this how my day was. sooooooo lets get started.

today when i woke up it was 8 A.M. and i was goin to be late if i didnt wake up for school so i got up, got dressed got in my car and left.

1st period class was christian ethics Mr.Clark corrected our assignment and gave us a new one. me and my friend finished the assignment early and a grade 12 we new in the class let us listen to her music. eventually the teacher caught us and told us that if he catches us again he goin to take it away.

2nd period was computer science once again a usual class were i did nothing because i dont understand the assignment that im supposed to do so i waited till the bell

3rd period was wild life management we got to eat smoked rainbow trout it was very delicious then we watched a show call i shouldnt be alive episode"trapped under a boulder".

lunch break i went to taco time and ordered a beef and cheese barito combo it was gooood.

4th period was history we corrected an assignment then at the end we watched like a 5 min video on how hitler took over and pearl harbour

5th period was english this class i failed last year so i had to take it again so in todays class we continued the book we are readling called the crucible or crylsalis idk somethin like that anywho it was boring and finally the bell went it was finally home time.