Start of a story Im writing

The Encounter

The young canid knew nothing about their new commissar. He was said to be mad and insane. He looked at the command staff of the newly called commissar. The Shepherds of War is what the captain of his platoon called them. He said they were the last of a clan of berserkers who died out years ago. A voice called out from behind him. “What do you think your doing lad get back to your platoon.”
The canid turned around a saw that it was the techno path of the command squad. He was built upon many augmentations of mechanical graft. “Sir I’m looking for the captain of my squad, he said he was going to see the commissar.”
He nodded his head and said “,what’s your name boy, and your platoon and squad numbers.”
Cadet Shepherd straighten up as he saw the canid captain of his squad coming near. “I’m cadet Shepherd from the 4th platoon, squad 3.”Shepherd felt that his captain had bad news from the look on his face. “Captain the squad is ready to be deployed on your command.”
“Good work lad.” The canid captain turned around and looked at techno path “,how is the leg Zeke.”
“Its fine except for the snow and water is rusting the joints. But it is fine until we can get out of this barren tundra and defeat the rebels.” He pulled back his hood to show his lupine features. His right eye was replaced with a sensor graft and his fur and hair was short. He looked a cadet Shepherd “,what’s wrong lad looks like you have seen a monster.” The captain and the Techno path just laughed. Shepherd looked at Zeke and thought lupines detested augmentations and grafts because the weren’t natural.
“Captain, I thought lupines didn’t get grafts?” Shepherd looked at Zeke’s right arm and left leg.
“They usually don’t but Zeke is from Mechanica. A planet of machinery and artifice as some say. Most of its inhabitants are augmented in many ways.” The captain just shook his head. “Canid, feline, and even the gnoll of mechanica have mechanical grafts and augmentations. But this is a story for another time lad, now lets go back to my men.”
“Yes sir.” Shepherd did a sharp salute and followed his captain.
A cold voice came from behind Zeke “,Finally that old war dog left.” Zeke turned around to see a brother techno path wearing a black cloak instead of the usual grey or red cloak. “Who are you and state your platoon.”
“Who I am is not important but if you must know I’m from General Scars black guard ,and I’m here to tell you that there is traitor amongst your ranks.” The black hooded figure walked past Zeke and said “,Look for the one who will strike down the ranks of leaders in your unit to take out the commissar to a fight to the death.” The stranger walked away toward a black lupine with a scar over his right eye.
Zeke was frustrated at this techno path. “Who are you for the last time.” Zeke glared at the techno path.
“You may call me , Sparks of the Machina Gnoll clan,” he said as he grinned under his hood and turned and resumed in his walk toward his general.
Zeke went over what was just said in his mind and wondered how did he know that there was a traitor. He couldn’t come up with a conclusion for these questions. The cloaked figure turned and said “, until we next meet, dear boy. Until then take care of your self.” He turned toward his general and the walked away.
Zeke nodded his head and sighed.”I better get back to general storm. He may need repairs to his body from last mission.” Zeke turned an left toward the cargo bay of the base.