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Im a surviver. We're a dieing dread.

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Turtle Dream
So i was having tis wierd dream. I know. What else is new, yeah? Well yeah. I dont know what this one ios supossed to mean but, yeah i did hear that Turtles are a fertility omen but... im not a girl so... anyway. Anyways im floating in space. Just drifting along as this jiant turtle... thing. It looks more like a see turtle than anything but it doesn't have eyes. Not that its eyes were gone but there were no sockets where eyes would go on its head. So that thing is ******** huge and its just drifting along eating planets and making the most beautiful wale-like sounds i could ever emagion when theres this loud bang. Or rather to it the sound was more of a little tap. What ever it was, something has this things attention. So it changes direction, more out of curiosity than anything, and start floating along some more,

So the farther i go the more of those little taps i feel. Or heer. I must be going the right way, yeah? Anyways getting hungry on the way i decide to eat a few of these things i must have been eating my entire life. i mean, it just felt like the thing to do.
Anyway, thats me.

On the other side of the solar system NASAs going ape s**t, after "Huston" glaces at the screen on his desk and anounces to his superiors that there is in fact a very big problem. "Its just gone Sir." The boy said over the phone. "As in no longer there. Yes. Neptune, Sir. I dont know what it is but

"The End is Coming" the headlines read. Panic, mayham, looting, and riot cover the globe as feer washes over everyone, awaiting the proverbial Ragnorack. All the major city blaze fo the months it takes me to get here.

So this blue one is the what it was, huh? Never saw one do that before. Well its right here and im still hungry so yum yum yum. I got to bite into the tasty looking blue thing.

Meanwhile her on earth. Somewhere, im not quite sure where, but theres this girl. Some precious to me fromt that past. Hair like fire she sits under an apple tree with her head in a book just like i remember. Her pet turtle always by her side. Anyways she happens to look up at all thats happening around her. Leave it to her to sleep through the end of the world, yeah? She looks down at the turtle next to her about to lazily bite into a big juicey apple. "Hay."
The Turtle looks up at her. And damned if i didnt make the exact same motiotn. Looking over to my left.
"Dont eat that one." She says nicely. The turtle simply looked back at the apple. I did the same thing. Looking at the earth with that souless, expressionless, face of mine. And thought for a second. Then the two of us looked away, the turtle and i. Then I wondered away without another thought as my counterpart on earth cralled away to another, yet, les tempting apple.

And that was it. The end. I woke up. What the hells that sopossed to mean. Some one please tell me.

Love is all about whistles.

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