That's how I'll describe me and Dustin's date on Saturday.

I spent about two or three hours dressing up. Skirt, nylons, hair done up, the whole 9 yards. I was quite pleased with how I looked, except for maybe that small pimple under the right side of my lip which has been persistently annoying me the past week. I doubt he noticed it anyways.

I went over to James' where he, Dustin, and Colin were playing Guilty Gear. I played for a little while and kicked Colin's a**. It was funny because it was my first time playing. I think he was upset. XD Dustin destroyed me though. Hah.

Dustin's grandma drove us over to 100 Georges. (I introduced myself to her and shook her hand. I want to be on good terms with all his family.) The building was already decked out in lights for Christmas. We got inside and we were asked if we had a reservation, which we did, and then we were led to our table which was very close to where the band was supposed to be playing. We got prime seats.

We spent about an hour to a half-an-hour chatting and admiring the restaurant while we waited for our food. The place was undeniably gorgeous - the furniture, the candles, the lavish set-up, the dim lighting, and the fireplace crackling on the far side of the room. The bar was also across from our table, but that wasn't too bothersome.

Our extremely friendly and helpful waiter took our orders, and brought us back some seafood soup in a Thai broth that was kind of spicy and had a unique taste, but was very good. (although it later gave Dustin a stomach-ache. >.< wink I had fun practicing with the chopsticks that came with the soup, picking out the fish and noodles. The muscles were a pain in an a** to eat politely though, Dustin had to teach me the proper way to use a knife and fork to scoop out the meat.

For our main meal, I ordered the Duck Confit and he had the Grilled Swordfish. They came back looking extremely professional and wonderfully aesthetic, and thankfully they tasted just as good if not better then how they looked. Duck has a very unique taste, almost like chicken but with more of a (how Azzy describes it) "gamey" taste. It was delicious but there was so much of it I couldn't finish it all, and the waiter had tried to take the plate away and I felt awkward so I just let them take it. Dustin absolutely raved about his Swordfish and claimed it was the best thing he he had ever eaten.

For desert Dustin had the Raspberry-Vanilla Creme Brulee, and I had the recommended Bread and Butter Pudding. I tried a bite of the Creme Brulee and it was very good but a little too sweet, I definitely preferred my pastry-type desert which was incredibly delicious but I was so full I couldn't finish all of that either. Dustin seemed to really like it, too.

Earlier we had found out that the band would not be playing until about 10-ish (we had arrived at 7:30) and so we stuck around until the band started so we could listen to them, and Dustin ordered some nachos. The band was quite good, and had a sort of Stone Temple Pilots feel to them, which was good because I like them.

We held hands at the table, listened to the band, and I almost cried from how happy I was just being there. There was no where else and no one else I would rather of been with at that moment. The whole affair was perfectly romantic, and just perfect in general, and did I mention perfect? The only slightly disappointing thing was that Dustin got a stomach ache and couldn't dance with me. We watched the band for about a half-an-hour or so then left after he paid the bill. (which was enormous. >.< wink

Now, after this is where things got a little muddy. I had dearly hoped that afterwards we could just spend some time alone somewhere and watch movies. I had really wanted it to be my house, but my mom ruined that idea, so I didn't oppose to the idea of going to James' since apparently his parental figures were gone. Well, unfortunately his uncle was still there so things didn't really turn out like I hoped, even if the last part wouldn't of happened. (which I'm getting to) The worst part about going to James' was probably that when ever we're there, James is completely opposed to any sort of lying-down snuggling between me and Dustin. I don't really understand why, but either way it's something that kind of displeases me usually, especially since me and him don't always get much time to do that.

Also the minute we got there Dustin sort of drifted off and got lost in the games with Colin and James, and then the romantic aspect of the night drifted apart. That wasn't the worst part though, even aside from the fact that Dustin suddenly converted into being a jerk to me after we got there for some reason, the worst part was James and Dustin getting into an INCREDIBLY silly fight over Dustin talking aloud, and James telling Dustin to go home, so he got offended and left. I tried to tell them to sit down and apologize to each other, and I got told to go to hell by my own boyfriend, so that was just... a nice cap. A perfect dinner, but afterwards not so much... -.-

I was kind of pissed at both Dustin and James for what happened, but as I love Dustin more then the earth and skies, my irritation was unfortunately shown more towards James upon my leaving since I felt like the evening had been ruined, and I went home and checked on whether everything was okay. Which it was. I think I was more upset about it then either of them were.

And that was pretty much Saturday. Absolutely wonderful descended into ultimate fail. I still have pleasant memories of dinner though, and it sucks that the latter part of evening has kind of tainted the perfect perfectness that was dinner, but I'm sure I'll forget about THAT part eventually and only remember how wonderful the dinner was.

At least I got to talk to him on the phone today so I could banish the thought that the last words he said to me before he left and would of spoken until Friday or later was "go to hell." >.>

Anyways it's really late and I should be getting my idiot a** to bed. I just remembered I had to recap that night though, and that took priority, even if I have to wake up 5 hours. XD Will be going to Yes Employment with Gabriella, since she absolutely insisted on going with me. At first I was skeptical because last time we made plans to go job hunting together we never did, but she has to go today for her appointment anyways, so it will ensure we actually get there.

P.S. I spend way too much ******** time on 4chan. I'm starting to be ashamed of how little of a life I have outside of maybe three people. I have to get that job STAT, especially before Christmas! I want to be able to buy people gifts... x.x

Anyways, for now, Eternal is out~! ♥