1) What is your name?

2) Where are you from?

3) How long have you been a GazettE fan?
i dont no a guess 6 months or more

4) How did you first come across the GazettE?
one of my best friends leigha she sent me filth in the beauty and i fell in love with it then i looked up more stuff

5) Who is your favorite member?
Reita or Aoi

6) What do you like about your favorite member?
evrything they both r so cool and talented and their fashion is awesome

7) What is something you would like to know about your favorite member?
alot of things

8 ) Which of the members have you written fanmail/letters to?
none yet

9) What is something that changed about you when you became a fan of the GazettE?
way i thionk about life and cassis has this weird spell on me i think but wen i listen to it i just get all mellow bc of ruki voclas

10) What is your favorite GazettE song and why?
my top 3 songs.

1. cassis because its so beautiful and its very touching i luv it.
2. silly god disco because wen i listen to it i get all happy and i feel good and i luv the bass line in it reita is awesome at bass.
3. filth in the beauty beacuse its the first song i heard from them

11) What is the song you’d most like to hear live?
Cassis, Reila or silly god disco

12) What is the song you listen to when you feel down or sad?
cassis because its just so beautiful and it cheers me up

13) When you are ill, which song makes you feel better?

14) What song do you listen to when you’re happy?
all the songs i have

15) Which song has influenced you the most?
probly cassis

16) What is the first GazettE song that you ever heard?
Filth in the beauty

17) Is there a song you can sing perfectly without having to look at the lyrics?
i can a lil of silly god disco just because its mostly in english but i mess it up

18 ) What is a GazettE song you’d like to sing at Karaoke?

19) Have you seen the GazettE live?
no i want to but leigha has to come with me

20) If you have, what were your thoughts? If you haven’t, are you planning on attending a live? How?
Oh hell yes! i will drive, Your coming to leigha

21) At violent GazettE lives, where do you stand? Or if you’ve never been to a violent live, where would you stand?
front row

22) What style do you (or want to) attend GazettE lives in?
idk i would let leigha do it for me

23) What are a few necessities for attending a GazettE live?
a drionk idk wat tho

24) Do you (or would you) always fill out the after-live questionnaire?

25) Is there anything you’ve started collecting because of the GazettE?

26) Which GazettE costumes do you like the best?
idk i like rukis in the cockroach Pv

27) What is one item you like (or would like to have) in GazettE’s goods range?

28 ) What is your cell phone’s ringtone?
idk have one but if i did it would be cassis

29) What’s your cell phone’s wallpaper?
i dont have a cell

30) What is your cell phone strap?
dont have a cell

31) What is your PC wallpaper?

32) Does your email address have something to do with the GazettE?

33) Where is a place that you go to frequently?

34) What’s your favorite store?
idk i dont go shopping that much

35) What’s your favorite CD store?

36) What is a magazine that you read frequently?

37) Recommended CD?
Stacked Rubbish

38 ) Do you have any pets?

39) Do you visit the GazettE OHP frequently? Which page do you visit the most?
not recintly

40) Who’s another artist besides the GazettE who you think is noteworthy?
um idk

41) Which artists do you like that are signed to PS Company?

42) Who is a member whose words you were surprised by (magazine, MC, radio show, etc.)? idk

43) If you could become one of the members for a day, who would you chose and why?
reita because he is awesome and i wanna see his nose in real life.

44) If the world ceased to exist tomorrow, which member would you like to spend your last moments with?
reita or aoi or uruha

45) Which member would you like to go to karaoke with?
all of them

46) Which member would you like to go drinking with?
ruki i think that would be fun

47) Which member would you like to go to an oshare bar with?

48 ) Which member would you like to cook for?

49) What order do you think each member would change the most when drunk (least to most)?
uruha, ruki ,reita, aoi, kai

50) Who would make the longest telephone calls (shortest to longest)?
Kai, uruha, Ruki, Aoi, reita

51) If you had to substitute in a GazettE live, which part would you choose to play?
um idk

52) What’s one (physical) thing you like about the GazettE?
thats for me to kno and no one else



53) What was your first impression of Ruki?
strong person, awesome personality

54) What name do you call him by?

55) Are you good at drawing?
hell no

56) Have you fallen off a jungle gym?
i dont think so

57) If Ruki were really your brother, friend, lover or etc, how would you feel?
brother would be cool because i could c them live all i wanted


58 ) What was your first impression of Uruha?
i dont remember

59) What name do you call him by?

60) Did you know at first that his name was pronounced “Uruha?”

61) Do you gargle every day?

62) If Uruha were really your brother, friend, lover or etc, how would you feel?
a friend because he seems so fun to be around


63) What was your first impression of Aoi?
drop dead gorgeous for a guy

64) What name do you call him by?

65) Do you have a lip/navel piercing?

66) Were you born in the city?

67) If Aoi were really your brother, friend, lover or etc, how would you feel?
We would fave fun


68 ) What was your first impression of Reita?
awesome bass player

69) What name do you call him by?

70) What do you call the noseband he wears?

71) Out of the Shinkansen, which do you think is the fastest?

72) If Reita were really your brother, friend, lover or etc, how would you feel?
it would be so fun bc i would make him teach me how to play bass like he does


73) What was your first impression of Kai?
a shy person

74) What name do you call him by?

75) Are you good at cooking?

76) Where do you think the state of New Jersey is?
USA.be i live in the usa

77) If Kai were really your brother, friend, lover or etc, how would you feel?
friend he seems like he just wants to have a good time


78 ) What one or two kanji (or just one word) can you describe each member with?
Aoi: cute
Kai: shy
Reita: awesome
Ruki: bad a**
Uruha: idk

79) What animal do you compare each member to?
Aoi: idk
Kai: Puppy
Reita: bear
Ruki: Dog
Uruha: idk

80) What color do you compare each member to?
Aoi: idk
Kai: idk
Ruki: idk
Uruha: idk

81) What is GazettE, according to you?
pure talent

82) What are your expectations for the GazettE from now on?
they will do their best and come to the U.S so me and my friend leigha can go see them live