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From the Darkness Comes a Dark Soul
I have nothing to say.
I am in the process of writing a story that I plan to try and finish unlike most of my stories that have started. This one I was inspired to write by Patricia Briggs Moon Call and Blood Bound books. It is going to be similar only to the point that there are werewolves, vampires, and the fey but there are many more creatures and things that I have not mention for it would take forever to do so and I really do not have that time. I would really like it if you would read Lith’s bio and the dream (which is part of chapter 1 which I am still working and won’t post till I’m done with it) and then post a comment or send a pm to me telling me what you think or add, or if you have any suggestions about what I should do with the story post comment of pm if you please. Thank you so much and please enjoy.

P.S. The dream is like when at the beginning of each chapter, there are sometimes the thoughts of another character, or the contents of a dream in italics and then the story is started in normal print. That is what I have done. Just to let you know.

Werewolf Story

Name: Lith Marsilia
Age: 18
Appearance Age: 17
Race: Werewolf (Lycan)
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Wavy
Eye Color: Ice blue
Skin Color: Pale
Clothing: Before Joining the Pack: Dark blue skinny jeans, worn out black converse, a long-sleeved black shirt, and gold locket that belonged to her mother. After Joining the Pack: Long, dark colored skirts, dark colored blouses, high heels, a black choker, and the golden locket.
Bio: She was born in Raleigh, NC to two young parents. She was born into a very rough atmosphere, and being the only child, she received the blunt force of most of the hatred and anger in the house. Ever since she was little, Mercy had been the loner. No one wanted to talk to her, and she really never wanted to talk to anyone in return. It didn’t get any better once she reached high school, in fact it got worse. Everyone made fun of her because they knew about her problems. They knew her parents were always drunk, abusive, and poor. Her mom died her freshman year of leukemia, and her dad followed a few months later, this time the cause was suicide by gun. She was passed into a foster home. Her adoptive parents tried to bring her around out of her depression, but in the end they just gave up. In the winter of her junior year in high school, everything changed. She was on her way home from a psychiatrist appointment at night during a full moon. She was taking a short cut through the woods, when a large, black wolf attacked her. As quick as the attack began, it ended. The wolf left her there, bleeding to death. Mercy blacked out and when she awoke again it was morning, and miraculously she was healed. She assumed the attack was a dream, that she had fainted for some reason, and went home to go sit in her room. Within a month she forgot about the whole attack until the night of another full moon. She was at home when the change and bloodlust consumed her. She had ripped her clothes from her body just in time as she shifted into a large black wolf. The bloodlust caused her to attack her foster parents as they ran in to investigate the noise. She killed them. She had killed them and she had liked it. This scared her so much that she ran into the forest and disappeared. Ever since that day, for about a year, Mercy had been living off what she caught in the wild, hating herself more and more with each kill. She avoided all human contact, except when she stole clothes for herself.
Rank: Lone wolf… changes later but I will not reveal it!
Wolf Appearance: 3 ½ feet at the shoulder, pitch-black fur, and chilling blue eyes.
Special Powers: The simple abilities of a werewolf and the strange ability to talk to and control other animals.


Agony tore through her, ripping at her from the inside out. Mercy curled up into the fetal position, groaning in pain. She coughed hard and gagged as blood flooded her mouth. Was it going to come back to finish her off? If so, was it going to end her misery quickly or draw out her pain to the very end? A twig snapped nearby, causing Mercy’s body to jolt with fright. A small whimper broke from her throat as pure pain flashed through her. She could towards her, a dark, evil presence. She couldn’t see it. She was blind, her eyes sealed shut by dried blood. She knew it was there though, she could smell it. Its blood soaked stench. It was going to kill her. It was going to shred her to ribbons, and then it was going to eat her.

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