There are times when my friends just piss me off with their meddling. My buddy Samantha is an example. I love her to death, but her meddling in my personal life can get so annoying that I want to strangle her.

On Sunday, Samantha and I were on this topic about people we'd known for years and she starts talking about this friend of hers named Lou. Samantha and Lou have known each other since 7th grade and Lou recently contacted her to cry on Samantha's shoulder about his recent break-up with his girlfriend of almost a year.

As Samantha starts talking about her friend, she commented to me about how much me and Lou had in common. Then Samantha had a "brilliant" idea to hook me up with her friend Lou. Though I've been over Aerynn for quite some time, I'm swearing off dating for a while. But Samantha, being the stubborn lovable person she is, refused to take no for an answer. I finally suggested we could all get together on Tuesday night to go bowling. Just me, Samantha, Lou and Melissa.

Tuesday night arrives...Samantha bugs the crap outta me about the fact I'm wearing a simple hoodie and torn jeans. So I changed into a nicer shirt and tell her to stuff it about the jeans. We all go to the bowling area to meet Lou. I must say, he's cute with a loose button-up shirt and baggy jeans. He's got shoulder-length dark brown hair that's tied in a ponytail and he has the prettiest light brown eyes.

So we start bowling and Lou and I get to talking. We have a lot in common and he's not too much of a gentleman like Aerynn was. Lou's not a gentleman, he's just slightly polite. Like holding doors open for you or picking up something you've dropped is about as far as Lou goes. He's also a pretty boy. His face is a little feminine, but he's got strong, broad shoulders and nicely muscled arms and legs.

Samantha commented that Lou and I were getting along great and we were. Lou even held my hand when we were eating dinner...until I asked him to stop. For some reason, Melissa was a little concerned and she kept telling Samantha to stop trying to hook up Lou and me. This continued through the rest of the evening until finally Lou asked me if I felt any sparks. I told him that I wanted to be friends, but probably not more than that. He seemed cool with it and gave me a hug.

...I know now why I felt no love sparks between us. Here's a hint. Lou's real name is Louisa. Yep, Samantha was trying to hook me up with a girl. When I found out, Melissa told me that she already knew. (Since she used to be a guy, Melissa knows when genders are trying to "cosplay" as the opposite gender.) Lou wasn't really trying to cosplay as a guy. She's just kind of a masculine girl.

So, yeah, Lou and I are friends, but since I'm not a lesbian, that's all Lou and I will be. Friends. Now I'm ticked at Samantha for doing that, because she darn well knows that I'm straight. I've known her for almost two years and she's seen me dating Aerynn, so she knows that I'm not a lesbian. Her reason for trying to hook me up with a girl. "Well, I thought you'd want to give the other sex a try. Y'know, since you've had such bad luck with men."

Guess what? NOT. A. GOOD. REASON. Just because I've had--let's see--four previous bad relationships, doesn't mean I've totally given up on men.