What Now?

"Okay, I'm bored stiff," Illusen muttered, flittering around the room and landing on a windowstill. Sadly, the still was hot from houtrs of the summer sun heating it up, and Illusen found herself landing in plain air as she involuntarily fell off the still. Forgetting she had wings, she grabbed onto a curtain and held.

Kate entered the room. "What..are you doing?" she asked the scrambling faerie.

Illusen blinked; then remembered the green leaves on her back weren't there just for show. "Exercising," she lied. Kate made a face. "What, you don't like to move?"

"No, not really."

"You suck."

"No, I blow."

What's the difference?"

Kate spun around and jabbed a finger at the little faerie. "The difference, little girl, is that I am a EUPHONUIM player. I blow into a mouthpiece. CLARINETS suck. Really. It's not even funny. Then there's french horns, tubas..."and on she went.

It was about time for dinner when she finished her lists of instruments, "Bassoon, alto sax-"

"You said that one already," Illusen pointed out, laying in a cubby above the computer desk. SHe had herself a little home there. complete with a bed made of kleenexes, clean socks, and potholder loom thingies. There were several 'additions' to her room: two Tylenol pills (all she needed was a mouthful), some dried rose petals (a flower petal a day keeps sickness at bay, her mother always told her), and random stuff like a plastic sword, beef jerky, ect.

"NO I DIDN'T!" Kate huffed. "I DID NOT SAY THAT."

"Whatever," the bored faerie muttered. "When can we eat? I'm hungry!"


"But...I still have needs! AND I get hungry, too, and WAIT a minute! I', not a toy! I'm an action figure!" She buzzed her winds furiously and landed on the desk. Kate took out a sucker and tried to whack the faerie with it.

Illusen pulled out her sword and lunged. "En garde!" she shouted. "The Ixis in Meridell taught me the art of Fencing when I was in a single leaf blanket!" She thrust the sword at Kate, who blocked it easily.

"I though Ixis have hooves, so they can't hold a sword."

The two froze. "That's what they want you to think," Illusen added, then thrust again. Kate yawned. With a sigh, she picked up the faerie and bopped her on the head, just like Peter Cottontail. "FAIL." she said.

Then..."OW! YOU BIT ME!"

After that, a..."HEY! You can't throw me in here! I hate being shut up in dark places!"

And finally, a door shut.