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~~Central City~~
[The massive group is conversing, trying to figure out a plan...]
Celebi: This is a huge group guys... I didn't think we'd be getting this much help.
Tails: I think we should split it up into two groups. It's still safe in those numbers.
Mew: I agree. There are enough of us here for that suggestion. What do you think, Chris?
Celebi: 'Sounds to me like a pretty good plan. How're we gonna do this... Let's see...
Mew: What about one team being all Pokemon, and the other being the otherworlders?
Celebi: Oh, hey! I like that ide--...wait... What if the Nightmares appear...? We've got all sorts of elemental power, but the Mobians...
Tails: Chris is right. Our recent experience with the Nightmares was, well... a nightmare to overcome.
Al: There's so many others here! It's kind of exciting actually.
Adam: Yeah! But... How are we gonna get anywhere with this many of us? I know there's safety in numbers, but...
Al: You've got a good point... Maybe if we split up, not too much so that we're vulnerable, but so that we can have fair game against Mewtwo or Dr. Eggman.
Adam: And the Nightmares. They could be any element... This complicates everything.
Al: Yeah... You're right... Hmm...
[Through all of this, Sonic literally has vanished with know one knowing.]
Rouge: I think I've actually heard of you... You're that anonymous Team Sphere, right?
Derrick: You're correct.
Rouge: So, what exactly are you all after? Aside from Mewtwo?
Surge: We have our sights on a mysterious fox girl who appear only during the night. She holds a big secret about the Chaos Emeralds that not even the Echidnas knew...
Rouge: Fox girl...? Does she have any connection to anyone named "Shadow the Hedgehog"?
Derrick: We have heard her mention that name a few times. How do you know of this?
Rouge: I know Shadow... He doesn't tell me everything, but what you described is similar to what he told me a while ago about a fox of the night.
Hreine: Maybe this Shadow person knows a lot about her...
Rouge: What's her name? Maybe I can recall it to what Shadow said.
Derrick: Her name is Equinox... Equinox the Fox.
Rouge: Yep... He's definately mentioned the name...
[Sengoku is now hovering.]
Sengoku: What are we doing here anyway, just hanging around like this?
Stream: I dunno... I thought we were gonna get right down to business... Sheesh! What a waste of time, I want to go, now!
Sengoku: ...Hey... Where'd Sonic go...?
Stream: Eh, who cares? He's the "Great Sonic the Hedgehog", he can handle himself...
[Heading south, Sonic is already far away from the large group, with an annoyed expression. These are mixed feelings built up over the coming chaos... Little does Sonic know he is traveling at his Sonic speed.]
Sonic: Ah, who needs them...? I can take Mewtwo on by myself... I just wasn't ready, that's all... That freak's nothing special, he's just different... Huh? Agh!!! [Trips, hitting the ground roughly, and fliping over multiple times before he finally hits a building so hard, that it dents a bit. Sonic is paralyzed in pain...] Urgh... [The mark on his back begins glowing.] Ahhh!!! Help!! Somebody!!.........Erf...[The mark ceases glowing. It is much more painful this time... Sonic passes out, laying on his chest...]
[A door is booted open nearby. Another hedgehog comes rushing out. She is pink, and is wearing a small red dress. Her eyes are light hazel, and her shoes are red with one stripe in the center. Her hair is moderately long, with three small strands in front.]
--A M Y--
Amy: [Gasps right when she spots Sonic.] Sonic!! Oh no! [Rushes to Sonic and falls to her knees.] What... What happened?!
Sonic: [Groans... He manages to turn himself over and opens his eyes a bit.] Am...Amy?
Amy: Sonic! What are you doing!? You had me worried sick!!
Sonic: Wait... What happened?
Amy: You don't even know what happened?! [Puts her hands on her hips, agitated.]
Sonic: [Stands up slowly.] Ohh... My back...
Amy: Hm? [Walks around Sonic, looking at his back.] What's this!?
Sonic: Oh yeah! That ring... Darn it, I forgot again... Maybe I should've stayed with everyone...
Amy: How did this ring get here, and what is it?
Sonic: Well... I can't explain very well... It acts up whenever I run.
Amy: ...Yikes... Sonic, try not to be so reckless! You'll get hurt...
Sonic: Thank you for your concern Amy, but I really think I should get back to the group... [Starts backing away...]
Amy: And just where do you think you're going?!
Sonic: ...Away?
Amy: Nuh-uh! Not without me! I don't want you running around with that curse-thingy on your back!
Sonic: Okay, seriously Amy, do you even know what's been happening lately?
Amy: ...Well... I know what's been happening... But it doesn't make sense...
Sonic: 'Good to see you're doing fine as it is.
Amy: [Lightens up.] Oh, thank you! ...But... The others of the city... They're...
Sonic: Pokemon?
Amy: Huh? What did you say?
Sonic: They're Pokemon. That's what those creatures are called.
Amy: So that weirdo with his creepy dark friends is running around turning people into... those creatures...
Sonic: Does he know about you?
Amy: He... He... [Shudders.] I was looking out the window when he was passing by, and he saw me, and smirked eerily... I thought I was gonna get hurt... I was scared, and I still am...
Sonic: Then I guess you should come with us. It's safer with the all of the friends we've made because of Mewtwo... That's his name by the way...
Amy: Ohh, thank you Sonic!! [Runs up to Sonic and hugs him.]
Sonic: Eheheh... Erm... Yeah, sure... We should get going.
Amy: [Let's him go, knowing he can't run anymore.] Yep, we should!
[The two of them head back to the lab...]
Tails: [Now aware that Sonic is missing.] Oh no... Where is he? He couldn't have gone in search for Mewtwo already?
Lucario: Hopefully not. He agreed to help us with this expedition.
Celebi: (Expedition... Why does that suddenly...? Oh... Right... Dad... I can't believe that I've almost forgotton about him... His expeditionary force... I wonder how he is... )
Derrick: Maybe he went to get extra help.
Hreine: Do we really need any more help?
Surge: [Chuckles as he speaks.] She's got a point... Still, the more the merrier.
Derrick: Absolutely true, Surge.
Stream: [Sighs boredly. He's now sitting against a wall, with Sengoku sitting on his head and flattening his mohawk.] This... is... so... stupid...
Sengoku: What a mess...
Al: Wow, I hope he's okay...
Amy: [From a bit of a distance, she waves to the crowd.] Hey!!
Tails: Oh, it's Amy... with Sonic!! I knew he was just getting help!
Stream: [Quickly stands up, almost throwing Sengoku off.] Hell-o, who is this?
Sengoku: [Recovers in flight.] Oh brother...
Amy: Wow! You were right! There are a lot!
Sonic: Yeah, heheh... heh... Um, sorry about that guys! I'm back now though!
Tails: Sonic! You had me worried!
Amy: He had me worried at first also! With him running full speed into buildings...
Sonic: Hey, Amy I--Erm...No I didn--What? Full speed? Noooo...
Tails: [Sorrowful.] Soooonic... You promised...
Sonic: Ok, ok. I'm sorry Tails... It's really tough to not do what I do best...
Amy: Wait... Tails?! Is that you!?
Tails: Yeah. Mewtwo did this...
Amy: ...Sonic, how could you break a promise with such an adorable little face like that?
Sonic: Hey, like I said, it's my strong side. [Looks at Stream.] And what I'm best at!
Stream: Tch... Yeah suuure! You're the best at running... into things.
Sonic: Wha--hey! That was an accident!!
Amy: [Giggles.]
Stream: You had an accident? Need a diaper!? Ohh!!
Sengoku: Haha! Nice one! High-five!
[Sengoku and Stream do a high-five.]
Amy: [Bursts into louder laughter.]
Sonic: Grrr... [Crosses his arms.]
Surge: Stream, shut up. We're supposed be helping these guys, not degrading them, yeesh...
Stream: Alright, alright. Sorry, sorry heheh...
Lucario: [Only to Mew and Celebi.] (I've had enough of this tomfoolery. It is time we took this matter into our hands.) [To everyone.] (Alright everyone! Listen up!)
[Everyone immediately quiets themselves and looks to Lucario.]
Lucario: [Clears his throat.] It is time we organized ourselves!
Celebi: (Whoa, now he's talking outloud? What the heck?)
Lucario: No longer will we delay this! Mewtwo is out there, still tormenting others. We united for one reason: to put a stop to him. And that is what we are going to, one way or another.
Stream: [Whispers to Sengoku] Heh, here we go. Finally gettin' to the point.
Lucario: Now, I am aware that this is a large group, and I have overheard some suggestions, and they are reasonable... If we weren't dealing with Mewtwo's new tricks... So we are one large group through this... You may disagree now, but after you fight his minions, you will thank me for the plan.
Celebi: (No kidding. I already thank you, man.)
Lucario: Now, Mewtwo is after an immense power source... If I recall correctly, they are the Chaos Emeralds.
Surge: Uh-oh... I knew it...
Sengoku: What!? He's after...?
Rouge: Yep... It's all terribly true.
Amy: That means... Oh no, Knuckles!
Lucario: Unfortunately, that is all I know... Tails. Can you tell us where these Chaos Emeralds are located?
Tails: They're guarded by an Echidna named Knuckles on a shrine, on a floating island known as Angel Island... The problem is... How are we all going to get there?
Celebi: Ok, anyone who can fly, raise your hand! [Raises his hand.]
[Derrick, Hreine, Surge, Sengoku, and Mew raise their hands.]
Celebi: So we're good. Tails, you have the Tornado, right?
Tails: It's beaten up from Mewtwo... Maybe some of us'll just have to stay...
Derrick: Don't worry, for I have a solution. The Capricorn-2!
Sonic: Say what?
Derrick: The Capricorn-2 is custom design aircraft built for excess space travel. It will lif us into the sky with pure ease. Also, it's capacity extends to a relieving fifty passengers.
Tails: Beutiful! None of us have to worry about self-flying, or anything! Derrick, you are a life-saver! Thank you, Team Sphere.
Sonic: ...[Rolls his eyes.]
Amy: Wow! You're all really prepared for this kinda thing, huh?
Stream: Heh, yeah well... It's what we do. May I ask, what is your name?
Amy: Oh! I'm Amy Rose!
Stream: Amy... I love that name... Amy... [Chuckles.] I'm Stream. Nice to meet you!
Amy: [Giggles.] Hehe, hello Stream!
Tails: [Trots to Derrick.] So, where's this Capricorn-2?
Derrick: It is back at Sector-SP2. Not to worry though, I have just the thing. [Pulls up his wristwatch-like communicator. He dials a few switches and buttons, and a lazer panel screen lights up, revealing some sort of robotic communicator. Tails is watching wide-eyed, amazed at Derrick's technology.] Sector-SP2, Derrick calling Sector-SP2.
Robotic Voice: Greetings Derrick. What do you require?
Derrick: Greetings R.O.M., we are in need of the Capricorn-2. Please send immediately.
R.O.M.: Understood. I will begin preparations for launch. I have coordinated your destination as well.
Derrick: Excellent. We will be awaiting your arrival, R.O.M..
R.O.M.: Yes Derrick. R.O.M. out.
Derrick: Derrick out.
[The screen vanishes back into his communicator.]
Derrick: Ok. It's on its way.
Tails: Woooow... That's... That's so cooool!!!
Derrick: [Smiles.] I'm glad you like it. Are you a fan of robotics?
Tails: Definately, yes!
Hreine: Well, just wait! It gets cooler!
Surge: For now though, we're gonna be wating. Not very long, trust me. Derrick specifically designs all of this stuff to work at high speed... I don't know how he does it, he just does.
Tails: Neat! So Derrick, with are the type of units you build your robots from?
Derrick: Well, I design unique hydraulics for them, so the units are entirely custom to my liking, much as the coordinated AI, which--[Complicated conversation.]
Celebi: Heheh, looks like Tails is fascinated.
Lucario: This human's knowledge is incredible... It is far too advanced... However, I am grateful that he is such a dramatic assistance.
End of (1).
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