'Kay, I'm finally(again) back(again). Now it's time for some Sync(again). This time I'm gonna try something' a little different(again). 've been using Sonic characters, right? And you all remember my spin-offs of those characters, like Chris the Rabbit, Seed the Hedgehog, or True the Fox? Yeah, um... Well I have no idea what happened to them. I still have Chris, kinda. But I think a name change is in order here...(again). You'll see who he is in this entry.

~~Westopolis Outskirts~~
...~~Westopolis Outskirts~~{Shadow the Hedgehog}
[Near a large, populated city, an unowned area of land looks over it. A rather large area, illuminated by the moonlight. It is grassy and treeless, except for the one tree near the top of the steep hill. On that very elevated land, a dark figure stands, overlooking Westopolis. She appears to be a fox with black fur and long, dark brown hair. Her eyes are purple. The tips of her ears also seem to be a dark purple. She is wearing a pitch black dress.]
--E Q U I N O X--
Equinox: ...[Staring off into the moonlight.] ...Where have you gone...? ...I must know, Ultimate Life Form... I will find you... Chaos Control. [Immediately vanishes at warp speed. {Without a Chaos Emerald.}]
-Deep underneath the very same ground, a large labratory is constructed It seems to be much more organized and cleaner than Tails' lab.-
[There are five people in this lab, all mulling over one thing: The sudden disturbance of space. A.K.A., Mewtwo. One of them is a gray wolf with black hair. Three strand come down across his face. His eyes are hazel. He seems to be wearing light gray Martial Arts attire, with red patches of Japanese characters that mean "Hound". He has a long, red headband.]
--S E N G O K U--
[The other, closest to Sengoku, is a skunk. He was a white mohawk that runs nearly all the way down his back before it flattens and reaches his tail. His fur is black{Obviously.}. His eyes are dark blue, and he is wearing goggles on his forehead, which are flattening his ears. He is wearing black biker gloves, not to mention black custom sneakers...]
--S T R E A M--
[Another is standing beside someone sitting in a chair. He is a white rabbit with light brown hair that hangs over his forehead a bit, and doesn't go very far down his neck. His eyes are azure. {Unlike Cream, his ears are up.} He appears to be wearing a white Tank-top and blue jeans. He seems to be wearing white tennis shoes.]
--S U R G E--
[There is another standing on the opposite side of the chair that Surge is standing. She appears to be a dove with somewhat "native, clan-like" attire, which is mainly white, and black around the edges. Her hair is reddish-brown and straight. Her eyes are dark brown. She possesses as unique looking bow, as well as quiver full of razor-sharp arrows.]
--H R E I N E--
[The last one who is sitting in the chair is a human. His attire is extremely high-tech. It is almost like a combat space-suit. In fact, it is remotely considered one. He has an electronic eyepiece with a short antenna. His space-suit has a green energy light, affirming its use. His hair is black, and comes down a bit longer than average length. His eyes are brown. Basicly everything about him seems high-tech.]
--D E R R I C K--
Derrick: ...I can't tell whether this strange...thing is here for power, or just to cause uneeded mayhem.
Surge: Well, he's gotta be here for something along the lines of dominance... That's how villains roll. Or so I thought.
Derrick: Hmm... I'm going to be honest, I myself am truly uncertain this time. All we know is that Sonic the Hedgehog is probably on this case right as we speak.
Hreine: What a strange creature... Changing others into small, unidentified creatures. What is the point of that...?
Surge: Hmm... [Pondered...] Our goal should be to find out what this menace's purpose here is, and stop him.
Hreine: But how will we know where he is?
Derrick: I picked up a strong presence from Central City, and then Green Hill... In fact... I'm still picking up a strange reading from Central City.
Surge: In such a populated area... Isn't that where Tails' lab is?
Derrick: That little two-tailed fox? Yes, it is. It's also where a G.U.N. command center is...
Hreine: This is otherworldly... I think it is finally time we helped Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends...
Derrick: I agree, but... That's easier said than done. [Looks to Surge, who crosses his arms and hums in thought.]
Surge: Well, I'm alriight with it... but those two. [Refers to Sengoku and Stream, who are conversing.]
Stream: I'm just sayin', we beat this freak, we'll finally get teh credit we deserve.
Sengoku: Seriously, just let Sonic take care of it. He's dealt with worse before, and we have other things to do, like find Equinox and Chaos, not to mention my Master Taira.
Surge: 'Ey guys!
[The two turn to Surge.]
Stream: 'Sup Surge?
Surge: Erm... I--We've... come to a uh... conclusion... We're going to... Oh man.
Derrick: I'll tell them. We're going to work with Sonic's team and fend off this thr--
Sengoku & Stream: NO WAY!!!
Hreine: Well, that worked out marvelously... We probably have a better chance of Equinox appearing right on the outlands on top of us...
Surge: Yeah... [Shrugs.] You know what, I think it's a good idea. And I'm planning on sticking with it, even if you two refuse to. Whadd'ya say Derrick, Hreine?
Derrick: I'm perfectly up for it.
Hreine: Me too. C'mon! I'm eager to see what they've been up to!
Sengoku: So you're going to leave us behind?
Derrick: Well, Sengoku, the minute you step outside into the night, you'll revert into your chao state. And Stream, if Equinox shows up...
Stream: [Shudders.] Don't remind me...
Surge: Yeah, so you guys are probably better off here anyway...
Stream: Sorry... No thanks.
Sengoku: No deal.
Hreine: Oh my God, what are we ever going to do with you two?!
Stream: I'm not getting left behind while you guys take all the glory.
Sengoku: I don't care if I become a chao again, I can't stand waiting around. I'd rather do this reluctantly.
Derrick: Excellent! I knew you'd have a change of mind.
Stream: Change of mind? Ha! I was thinkin' this all along!
Hreine: Yeah! Team Sphere is back in action!~
Derrick: Definately! Stay put for a couple moments. I will be contacting Tails. Hopefully, he's there. [Spins the chair around, and begins typing on the large keyboard.
[Everyone resumes conversing about the plan.]
[Suddenly, on the large screen, static starts...]
[More static.]
[Derrick finally gets a signal. Sonic is now sitting back down in the desk chair, facing the screen again. Rouge and Tails are also on the screen.]
Sonic: Huh? Who are you? [Derrick and Hreine are on the screen.]
Derrick: My name is Derrick.
Hreine: And I'm Hreine.
Stream: [Turns away in disgust at Sonic.]
Derrick: I've heard you well, Sonic the Hedgehog.
Sonic: Oh, uh. Er, yeah. I get that a lot...
Derrick: Yes, yes. I'm sure. Now, you are aware of the crisis, right?
Sonic: You mean that freak who's been terrorizing Central City?
Derrick: Exactly.
Sonic: Yep... His name his Mewtwo. Do you guys know about him?
Derrick: Very little, I'm afraid. We've been planning on stopping him, but we assumed you had control over the situation.
Sonic: Well...
Tails: That's exactly what we don't have...
Derrick: ...Hm...?
Tails: Oh, sorry. My name is Tails. But...
Derrick: Ah, Tails.
Hreine: Wait a minute... I thought you said he was a fox.
Tails: I am... But Mewtwo turned me into this. He's been doing the same thing to a lot of residents here.
Derrick: I'm sorry to hear that. I have contacted you to let you all know that we are heading to Central City to assist with this calamity.
Sonic: Hold up... You sure you're not in kahoots with Mewtwo or Eggman?
Derrick: We are not... Is Dr. Robotnik causing problems again?
Tails: He just contacted us recently and said he's working for [gulp] ...Naught...
Derrick: Naught...? This is a new name to me... It sounds troublesome.
Hreine: Don't worry! We're gonna help sort this out and stop this Mewtwo.
Rouge: Well, that's always wonderful news.
Sonic: No kiddin'. All right! You're welcome to come here at any time!
Derrick: Excellent. We'll see you there.
[The screen shuts off.]
Surge: Well, that's done.
Stream: Thankfully... Gah, let's just get this over with. C'mon Sen. We're gonna head out guys.
Surge: Alright. We'll meet you there. You know where the place is?
Stream: We'll find it. I've been to Central City before.
Sengoku: Slow steps at first, Stream. Can't overdo myself as a chao.
Stream: That takes too long...
Sengoku: It's either that or...
Stream: I know! I know!... Sheesh, I'll just go with carrying you...
Sengoku: ...Fine by me. [Chuckles.]
[Sengoku and Stream make their way to the elevator, and start ascending at the press of a button.]
Hreine: Ugh, those two... What're we ever going to do with them?
Surge: Well, it's a lot quieter now... Let's make out preparations and be on our way.
Derrick: [Turns off the main computer.] After I shut down the lab, we should be ready. [Makes his way to the elevator and presses a series of buttons... All of the lights except one turn off. The lab is much darker.] Ok. Let's head out.
[The other two nod and head for the elevator, which Derrick activates... Within a matter of only seconds, they are at the surface of the ground. There's already no sign of Sengoku or Stream.]
Derrick: Sen and Stream are long gone already? That Stream sure is a fast one...
Surge: He may be fast, but he can't do this! [Jumps into the air and literally begins levitating. This is a type of sorcery.]
Derrick: Well, he's the only one on the team who can't do that, Surge. [Fires up what appearsd to be jet boots, and begins hovering just as Chris is doing.]
Hreine: Well this looks fun! Go on you two, I need a running start.
Surge: Gotcha. [Begins soaring toward the hill. Derrick his doing so as well.]
Hreine: [Bursts into a sprint toward the hill. Once she reaches the top, she leaps into the air, supported by a powerful flap of her wings, and she begins flying with the other two...]

Superheroes, lol. I can just picture that. I know Hreine couldn't fly in the last one, but I'm making an exception here. I mean c'mon, it'd be sad if the dove was the only one who couldn't fly...
Um... There's a story behind each of these characters... Most of you are familiar with Derrick and Hreine, hopefully, not to mention Surge, who is basicly Chris the Rabbit. He had the ability to control earth AND fly. I toned that down a bit. Sengoku has to do with Chaos. Surge has to do with that Equinox girl, who has to do with, Dum Dee Dum, Shadow! ...Holy crap, this part is long. It's still going, fyi.
...~~Central City~~{Sonic Series.}
[At the lab.]
Sonic: ...Um... What do we do now?
Tails: I guess we just wait 'till they arrive.
Rouge: Hm...? Hey, where did those other two go?
Lucario: Are you sure it came from here...?
Celebi: Positive... I can feel his presence... It's an Eclipse presence that's for sure. I can tell over Tails'...
Lucario: He must be feeling better. I am glad he has decided to help us.
Celebi: I heard that we were also getting some help from some others.
Lucario: Mewtwo... He has already forced most against him in this world.
[Suddenly, three bright yellow orbs appear, and then fade, revealing Adam, Al, and Mew.]
Celebi: Mew, Adam, Al!
Al: Chris! Lucario!
Mew: You two are okay!!
Adam: What a load off my mind... Glad to see you two again!
Celebi: You too! How did you three make it?
Mew: I felt re-energized, and Palkia stayed close by. Al and Adam also decided to join me, with their guildmaster's permission.
Al: Wow... I never got a real look at this world... It's so... different.
Lucario: We appreciate the extra assistance you are giving us. Thank you Mew. And thank you, Adam and Al.
Al: No problem!
[Tails spots everyone and immediately remembers the other faces.]
Tails: Oh! [Runs into the crowd.]
Mew: Tails! I knew we'd see eachother again soon! Heheh!
Tails: Hahaha, yeah! So you three made it after all! Good to see you again also, um... Adam and Al, was it?
Adam: Yep.
Al: Hey Tails!
Mew: So, Lucario, Chris. What's been going on around here? Is Mewtwo causing trouble? ...Silly question, I know.
Lucario: More trouble here than back home. He seems to be after a power source known as the Chaos Emeralds as we speak.
Celebi: And another villain has apparently joined him...
Lucario: Dr. Eggman, if I recall correctly.
Al: Dr. Eggman? What a strange name...
[Sonic peers out.]
Sonic: Hey, what's goin' on out here?
Tails: Hey Sonic! Check this out!
Sonic: [Runs to Tails.] Are those other guys here? Huh...? Are these Pokemon also?
Mew: [Observes Sonic.] Tails, who's your friend?
Tails: This is Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog! He's the most famous hedgehog on the planet. And he's also the fastest living thing ever!
Young, Rough Voice: You sure 'bout that, kid?! [Standing on top of the lab.]
Celebi: Who's this!?
Sonic: Hey, who are you now!?
Stream: Haha! [Leaps from the building and lands right a couple feet in front of Sonic. His goggles are over his eyes, and Sengoku, now a chao, is holding on to his shoulder. He pushes his goggles up.] The name's Stream. Stream the Skunk! Don't forget it!
[All so rapidly, three others descend upon the street nearby. Everyone turns their attention toward those three.]
Derrick: We have arrived!
Hreine: Finally! We get to meet you all!
Surge: Dang... I didn't expect this team to be so massive... Good to see you made it, Stream. You and Sengoku.
Stream: Haha, we beat your fairy powers, Surge! Who needs flight anyway! ...[Turns his head slowly to Sengoku, who is looking back, irritated.] ...Right, sorry Sen.
Sengoku: Surge has a point though. This is a lot more than I had expected.
Mew: ...So... Chris?
Celebi: Yeah?
Derrick: Chris...? Hreine... Are you thinking what...?
Hreine: What you're thinking? Yeah... Waaaay too ironic... I've heard of him...
Mew: What's going on now?
Celebi: I'm... not sure... Maybe I should've payed attention a little more...
Al: It looks like a lot has happened!
Stream: Whoa man!! Look at all these little guys!
Sonic: [Crosses his arms and raises a brow at Stream.]
Rouge: [Peeps out the door.] What is going on out here?

BIIIGGG Part... It ended up with seriously, like... ten characters... I still actually have, and I'll give you a little bit of a sneak peek. I still have to work with Equinox, Dr. Eggman, Shadow, Cream, Mewtwo, Knuckles, and some others I can't think of right now... I'm tired at the moment so uh... 'Night!