okay a pallet shipping fic (Ash and Gary yaoi!!!!!!!!!!) don't read if you don't like! wahmbulance

The Subconscience

chapter one


"Ash!" called a disgruntled voice

"where are you?"

"Here!" a young boy cried from behind and old blooming sakura tree, the wind picked up a little and tousled his unruly hair in a single small blast of air motion.

"there you are!" cried the voice of a young woman in her late twenties.

the woman scowled lightly "do you know how worried i was!" she said

"yeah right that ash the only thing on your mind was losing your job or being scowled at by your uncle Masefield,Lily!" thought Ash

But instead of saying that out loud and getting yelled at by Lily he simply replied

"oh, i am so sorry i was having so much fun climbing tree i simply lost track of time!" he made sure to ad noticeably sarcasm and malice too the tone just to get her goat.

( it a metaphor, it means like to get at)

"tch,whatever just hurry up and go to the Christmas gathering before i have to here about you not being there from my uncle" said Lily in a fierce tone that carried an Aura that scared even demons

"y-yes ma'am' "replied Ash quickly as he drawled out of sight of her prying eyes he sighed

'finally away from that devil of a women' he thought

as he ran down a cobble path he looked wearily at the scenery it reminded him so much of his home before the orphanage just like it,it was also near a forest

'No' Ash thought wearily 'can't think of the past i must keep watch of the future like mom used to say' he thought unbenounced to him he smiled crept up on his face.

He soon drawled near an old orange brick building surrounded by poorly kept plant beds that have yet been weeded as ash reached the building he saw Dawn there bending over to pick flowers out of the poorly weeded flower beds her satin blue hair in braids and her yellow sun dress cover in brown dirt stains her lightly tinted pink cheeks streaked with dirt

"Dawn!" yelled Ash "what are you doing?" he asked dawn slowly turned around in her little pail hands she held a bundle of daisies all freshly picked and of a vibrant fluorescent yellow

"i was trying to weed but.. " she drawled on " i got dirty and frustrated then i saw these pretty daisy's!" her face lit up "so i picked a few!"

"oh" said Ash then he looked at her "what in the world would posses a beauty and fashion freak like you to weed a garden?" asked Ash"And isn't that Mays job?"

"hmph" pouted Dawn then she smirked evilly

"well i will have you know that i do now, once in a while like to do dirty work plus May said that if i did it she will let me use her hair to find new hair styles! and even walk around in a hair style i made so it was an even trade! i get dirty and she gets humiliated!" said Dawn enthusiasticly

'oh well, duh' thought Ash

"Dawn wouldn't do anything for someone that could get her dirty without getting back at them or if it had to do with new hair styles and fashions' thought Ash

"well, Dawn you didn't weed all of it so you didn't keep you end of the deal with May so how are you going to get back at her?" asked Ash innocently

"well" said Dawn "when she go to sleep i going too take her bandanna and hide it for a day! she be really stressed that is punishment enough" said Dawn

"i don't know isn't that a little extreme dawn i mean that like the only thing she has left of he parents besides the pendent"

"nothing too extreme and its only for a day maybe i should take the pendent instead" said Dawn

"now dawn that is too extreme you can't do that it was given to her by her parent's and brother!" said ash

"fine" said dawn in mono tone

"good, now let get you clean up and go to the Christmas bash" said ash

"okay, i love the Christmas bash its the best party of year at this boring place" replied Dawn

"okay,okay" said Ash as he laughed at dawns words "come on" he motioned her to follow him the silently went to the lime green painted building where all the girls slept and ate and dawn silently went in side "Ash go on to the bash I'll catch up later"

"okay" said ash he didn't need to be told twice he quickly sped down the poorly pathed path to the orange building he was previously at he noticed it was decorated with a big banner streamed across it that said Christmas bash! in big bold red and green letters and had streamers of red,white,green hanging from the entrance and the sent of cinnamon lofting out side obviously coming from the open window as Ash pushed away he streamers to enter and was greeted by Masefield the owner and boss of the orphanage "well" he said gruffly "i see that Lily found you"

"yeah" said ash he smiled Mr.Masefield was like a father too all the children here and was always worried when one was missing and he always made sure the kids went to good home's.

"well" he said "i am glad she found you Ash my boy, now he gestured to the rambunctious children and the whole party scene

"go have fun,okay?" he said

"okay" said Ash

Ash walked over to the big Christmas tree in the center of the room to inspect the gift's the tree had a bright glowing star at the top of it and was dressed in strands of bright lights that made the ornaments shine and glisten under there presence Ash smiled this is what always reminded him of his favorite time of year winter and with winter came Christmas his favourite holiday of the entire year and that it was finally here.