Yesterday, after lots of posting and general questing, I realised with out funds put together, we were only about 20000g off a kiki, so I decided to risk it with some buying low selling high business.

It didn't work.

I bought a Clover Fluff Plushies for 30,000g, hoping to sell it for 37000g (1500g lower than the marketplace) However, at that exact moment, someone put one for sale at 32000g! Mine just was not selling. Eventually, I sold it for 27000g....meaning I was down by 3000g and with nothing to show for it! crying Soooo, not a good day

But I am hoping for the kiki quest to be complete VERY soon 3nodding

Plus, someone has offered to sell me a kiki for whatever gold we have if they have not sold there within 14 theres always that to hold on to 3nodding