Latest News: I may not have been busy as I hoped to be, very little work has come my way. I did do some logos as a favor for someone I know, and I am doing favors for others, but that is all. I went to get a massage today, I needed it due to how sore my back was.

The only other thing that is keeping me sane is my martial arts training. I've been trying to help out more often with the children's classes, improving my people skills. It's pretty much what goes on.

For some reason, I don't always update the on line journals. I stopped posting at Live Journal because all what users did post on that site were either personality quizzes, surveys, and complaints about how their lives suck. I know that quizzes and surveys are fun, but not the "my life sucks" complaints. Maybe some of those who did complain got some sympathy, but no one wants to see those ALL the time. I have tried on Live Journal to describe my latest activities and projects, then some asshole accused me of seeming selfish when I was trying to seem EXCITING.

This does sound like complaining, but I'm just making an opinion that on line journals should not always be about how much life sucks. Life does suck, that I know, but fussing about it would suck even more. talk2hand