Today was slightly hectic. At school it was Fall Fine Arts Festival, which The Band, Drama Department, etc, have a festival to demonstraite the things that they have learned. SO in all I was at school for about 9 hours. Go Figure. Anime Club was fun. We finished a brawl tournament that we started. I didn't win tho.... Oh well.

Here at home, I have the largest room in the house. However, that all came to an end because a foster kid came to stay with my family and I. I'm stuck cutting the room in half because I'm stuck sharing a room with this dumbass. I mean what the ********? We have another room downstairs that is just enough for a person to live down there. I should know because it used to be my room. I cannot stand this guy. All I ever hear him do is complain about how loud the TV is; how my computer supposedly keeps him up at night. And Just recently, he just tells me that i need to put my phone on Silent because it "irritates him" when it goes off or I get a text. So big deal. I'm sick of hearing him complain about everything I do....He makes me want to snap his neck..... mad