ANYWAYSSS... here I am!

On the weekend I hung with Gab until like 11-ish I'm thinking. We had gone to Value Village, then Cafe Botanica and chilled out there, until we went back to my house and slept for a bit. Then I went over to Dustin's and played an awesome game of Paranoia with him, Colin (who was our GM), and James.

My character was a kick-a** cute girl with a huge gun and lots of guts, insanity, and a VERY extensive knowledge of guns. Oh, she could also regenerate, and eat ANYTHING EVER. She makes me so happy! ^__^ She calls Dustin's stealth-type hacker character Chickenwuss, since he basically is. XD James' extremely mundane-type sensible character turned out to be a communist, and blew out my brains twice. Thanks to him I'm on my third clone. ):< I killed him dead though. ♥ Eeeevery single clone! Oh, then we were promoted to Oranges. YEAH!

The next morning me and Colin were kicked out of Dustin's barn by his Aunt, so we were for some breakfast at Wendys/Timmies. I had a chocolate chip muffin and chocolate milk. Colin had a baconator. O.o

Then we went to Emerson's for a bit. I slept the whole time though. I was really tired. D: Not as tired as Dustin prolly was though, since he was up all bloody night playing Fallout 3. When his guardians left we went back to the house and woke him up. XD Oh, not before Colin bought me iron pills though, since he found out I have anemia. |:

Iron pills turned out to be a bad idea. Besides giving me a terrible stomach-ache that put me to sleep for the rest of the day, that stomach-ache REALLY kicked in like two days later. On the morning I was supposed to walk with Dustin to work/go to Yes! Employment. -.- So I had to skip on going because I felt like I was going to die. Colin advised I drink lots of milk, which I did and that helped some. No more iron pills for me! Ugh.

I got into a fight with Azzy the other day. It wasn't fun, that's for sure... but for something that was pretty trivial she really raged. >.< I felt upset since I don't like her being angry at me like that. There are alot of people I can deal with being upset with me, but Azzy... well, she's someone that really bums me out if she's not right with me, and it seems like she hasn't been very happy with me for quite a while now. You know, I would of thought after I finally got a boyfriend who treated me right, my emotional problems would end, but now it's my friends who are causing me stress BECAUSE of my boyfriend and my automatic tendency to favour him over everyone else because that's just how my nature is. Besides, on that day, I just hadn't seen him all week and just wanted to talk to him.. I didn't intend on leaving anyone behind... I mean, I did wait at the lights and we were only ahead for maybe 10 minutes... -sighs- But my words and apologies are wasted seemingly. >.<

Anyways, moving on, I finished Shakugan no Shana the other day. It was pretty good. It was a fairly boring series at first, but it really picked up half-way through. The climax was good, but now I need to watch the second season... right after I finish Saikano, since it's about damn time so I can return James his DVD.

Well that's all for today! Now I'm off to go be bored some more. Yeps. Ciao. ♥

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