Yesterday was a big jump in the kiki quest, but there was a moment when I was worried.

I bought 12 Ancient Chests of a guy for 5000g each. You could only buy them in bulk so I had to buy 12 of them, so that was 60000g eek I thought to myself, no worries, since they were selling for 7000g each I could make a nice profit.

However, when I put them on the marketplace, they just weren't selling, and I just got so worried that I'd lost 60,000g of the kiki fund!!!

Luckily, I sold 5 of them at 7000g, about 3 at 5999g and the rest at about 6500g, so I did make a good profit after all, and had sold them all by the end of the day.

So the kiki fund is now at 129000.

I have also joined a guild, which I am finding very fun, and it is encouraging to post even more 3nodding