Hello! I've been on gaia for about a year now and I just now decided to start this web blog thing. Some times I will spout nothing but complaints about things going on in my life that I can't really do anything about, or how my dad was in particularly good , happy sad, etc.

Anywho, I'm 17, black, and gay. (OMG! say it ain't so! a gay black guy!) Yuppers. I'm also a furry and proud to be one. My fursona is Reikhan Tealdobie the dobiewulf. many of you might have seen my pofile already with the dog thing in the background. Ain't I cute? Heh. If you're the kind of person who flapps around the word faggot or think that furries are creepy for cliched reasons, then we aren't going to get along quite well are we?

So....if you expect me to spill out a bunch of personal stuff, forget it!. Just kidding. I'll tell you about my life and stuff . It's all coming so be paitent. who knows, I might end up entertaining you folks.

For friendship measures, I should say to my friends who know me on this site as well as irl, that you probably shouldn't read this blog. I men, lets face it. We all get annoyed by those we call our friends that pisses us off but we don't tell them that or some stupid sh*t like that. Just as a forewarning, I won't mention names but usernames might leak....and stuff. Just for the sake of our friendships, don't judge me over what my journal should happen to say about you guys....

Without further Ado, I will start talking about real stuff.....the next time I log in!