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Live Hallucination within a Dream
Iron Islands (Maps) - Institute Depopulor
Iron Islands The Iron Islands are a grouping of Islands pulled apart from the rest of the state after the Trident was struck. More out on the outskirts they are Forest areas and are untouched by the fires of the Trident.

- Pyke : The Demon Starting place. Lucifer has set up a base for the demons who had studied the human realm to stay. It is away from all the chaos and he has left the others to believe the humans they had partnered with are still on The Trident during the chaos. The island of Pyke used to be an island close to San Francisco named Alcatraz. There is a prison facility placed directly on it and used to look something similar to this: [x]. However, after the demons came it became something very different.

- Harlaw : The Human Starting place. Because of the massive attacks from the demons the military decided to take action. Taking as many survivors as possible back to their base on Harlaw it is deemed safe for now and everyone is kept in a camp close to the military. The island itself is very swamp like and very foggy compared to the rest of the islands. This makes it difficult to set up a camp there but due to despiration the humans have settled there.

- Great Wyk : Great Wyk is one of the few places close to the Trident that has been left untouched. An eerie place, it has very old buildings locked up tight with a gate around it. It is said people had never lived there and it was an abandoned building project. But, the sounds of people speaking inside prove otherwise. In actuality it is a small mental hospital placed on an island to try and keep the insaine far from normal society. In doing this they unintentionally protected them from the evil that has struck and everything that could have made them normal.

- Salt Cliffe : Once a fairly peaceful and luscious island, is now an island that has been covered with Ash and Fog. The underlying land, normally in the center of the area, as well the outskirts are swampy, with the northern coast being the only 'beach' left, if you can call it that. Covered in Ash-Colored Sand, it is the only part that looks relatively untouched by the demons. Any beacon of home seems to have been quelled as the Sun no longer shines over the Salt Cliffe, only Darkness and a Glassy, Gray light. A dismal sight indeed for anyone foolish enough to travel there. And yet there is a strange allure to the demons around, and sometimes, just sometimes, demons decide to go here to enjoy the glassy glow. It reminds them of something...Something...Different.......

- Old Wyk[The Island Of Lanterns]: Called the Island of Lanterns for the strange green glow that hangs overhead every night on the 5th day of the 1st and 3rd week of each Month, it is a fairly barren area, aside from a singular lake in the center. The grasslands and trees remaining largely untouched, it used to be a romantic spot for couples living in The Trident area. However, after Mental Patients began to be brought to Great Wyk, it was instead closed off to accompany them and allow Mental Patients to get Mental Rehabilitation. Left largely alone from the demon populace, one might think that the taint has something to do with the Green Aurora that encompasses the area. As it's proved, only Greater Demons, the Elite of the Military and Nobility, are ever able to cross the waters to it and enjoy the Aurora, however on the Island they must leave their supernatural powers behind.

- Orrmont[The Isle of Marsh]: A Member of the Chain of Iron Islands, the Island of Orrmont, or the Isle of Marsh as it is usually called is an area of, well, just that. The entire island is basically a Marsh and Swamp, with small pockets of safe, dry land to camp on. It is easy for one to find protection in the thick of the nature that grows around the area. There is a small area where the Trees part, to show a remote, flat grassland, most normally called the Moon's Cloak, for the fact that when the Moon is out, moonlight hits the spot almost directly, as well the marsh that was there has dried up and is now land that is able to be camped on. The water itself that makes up the marsh is a dark green in color, and in some parts a very dull and deathly depressing gray. While the place may be decent for a hideaway, it will do nothing for lifting your spirits. With only the clouds of smoke and ash to comfort you and look at in the night, one must ask themselves, what had gone wrong?

- Blacktyde[The Last Bastion] A Member of the Chain of Iron Islands, the Island of Blacktyde, or rather the Last Bastion for humans as it is normally referred to is actually not that at all. In fact, it was the first stand that the humans truly made against the Demons, and all that remains now are the ruined buildings of the first settlements. The seas can usually be found as calm and peaceful, the same, however, cannot be said for the island. The Wilderness left on the island is left covered in ash and darkness, what isn't standing may or may not still be burning with the wind and with the failed Resistance of the First Stand of the Humans. With the flames of the settlements burning in the Night, one can see it even from Harlaw. The Last Bastion. Human's first stand for hope. Gone, but not forgotten. The other side of Black Tyde Surrounded by steep and rocky cliffs and broken rock, it seems easily defensible --but also, hard to access, which is why the human resistance did not choose it. What flat ground exists is covered in dense conifer forests.However, due to its small size, there is no water source on the island.

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