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Live Hallucination within a Dream
The West(Maps) - Institute Depopulor
The West
After the schism of The Iron Islands from the mainland, The Western Shore has become a place both unforgiving and desolate, filled with shattered earth and crags of rock that tower above man. The climate is cool, but don't let that fool you. To travel alone through The West is madness, and certain death await any that seek a path through them ill prepared...

The Cape of Eagles - The Cape was once a vast and expansive field which connected to The Iron Islands before the Earth's upheaval. As the mainland tore apart, The Cape became a vast peninsula of broken rock and crags, with small expanses of grassland in between. The terrain allows for travelers to use stealth, taking cover under the large stones and crags that have appeared. The shore itself is relatively clear, with no steep cliffs blocking sea bound travelers. Moving towards The Twins, The Cape's rocky landscape gives way to a long and barren plain, barren save for the occasional remnants of abandoned camps, and a very rare caravan of looters passing through to Seagard.

Seagard - What might be the last bastion of civilized man, Seagard is the only city to have survived most of the Earth's upheaval. At night Seagard's harbor can be seen from quite a distance, powered by an intricate network of generators set up by the surviving engineers. Human commerce and trade has slowly began to re-establish itself in the city, with looters and merchants selling anything from soap and rations to ammunition and weapons. Money is worthless, however. A system of bartering has taken its place as the dominant form of trade. Seagard is also the most militarized region of the mainland, as the military has collected most all of its intact equipment within the city. The harbor is lined with five battleships, all that remains of their once formidable naval fleet. Each ship is fully functionable, but due to the suffocating lack of fuel they have been bound to the harbor. Nonetheless, these ships and their hardened crews provide the harbor with suitable defense against any potential sea-bound invasion. The city's walls have been fortified over months of construction, and the military has positioned many old machine gun turrets and a handful of artillery batteries into place around the city's check points, in a further attempt to strengthen Seagard's borders. The current ruler of the city is General Alexi Gurevich, an experienced general whose men enforce the laws that have been put in place.

The Twins - Beyond The Cape of Eagles, the ground grows dry and harsh as it rolls in towards the center of the mainland. In the middle of this barren badlands, The Twins tower above as a newborn gateway to all travelers seeking a path towards The Trident and its surrounding areas. The word in Seagard is that a small company of sharp shooters have conquered one of The Twins, setting up a human friendly check-point in the region, watching the Demon camps to the East and relaying information back to the city. How they managed to scale the sheer rock face is a question only they could answer...

Oldstones - Traveling South from The Twins the air grows slightly cooler and moist. In those thin sheets of fog lies Oldstones, a wide field of boulders and jagged rock. The stones themselves are massive, the majority of which are vastly larger than any man. Strange geological deformities have created a winding series of tunnels through the rocks leading both above and below ground, creating an ideal network of choke points and escape routes. Every now and again, there are signs of former human habitation... signs of the men who have traveled beyond and those who still remain. Travelers are warned of traveling too far into Oldstones. Bandits, while not common, know the tunnels well and will be quick to take down any travelers who were not wise enough to travel in large groups. Should you survive the night you will find that the bandits will not travel South of Oldstones... for no one does. No one travels to Fairmarket...

Fairmarket - Fairmarket was both a thriving farming town and the cemetery town for the Western shore. Since the birth of The Trident and the opening of The Gate, not a soul has returned from there. Attempts at radio contact have been made in vain. It is a dead town. The grassy hillsides of Fairmarket are lined with the remnants of cemeteries, long since abandoned with the rest of Fairmarket. Just beyond the cemeteries, clusters of derelict houses appear, leading into the heart of what was once Fairmarket. There is little to no city proper, with a few ornate buildings lining the village plaza. Amidst the forsaken buildings in the city proper is a large warehouse once used to process the meats and vegetables harvested from the outlying farms. One would think that, with all the meat and food in that warehouse the wilds would be quick to reclaim what they had lost. They have not. No animals dwell in Fairmarket. Nothing lives there. Only the sounds of the rustling grass and moaning wind have the courage to make themselves known...

Ashemark - Far displaced from any civilization lies the region of Ashemark, a ruthless and dangerous region that grants passage to both Golden Tooth and The Crag. Ashemark is aptly named, a vast expanse of little but ashes. Once a beautiful forest that followed alongside a river, the ever-pouring plume of ash from The Trident and the flash of heat that followed incinerated most of the woods, leaving only scattered groves of brittle trees. Traveling farther West towards the mountains the forest remains intact and healthy, constantly watered by several streams and waterfalls that originate at the mountain range's base. Making it this far provides a haven for ample rest, as the path to and across The Crag is both long and treacherous.

Faircastle - Far from the chaos of Ashemark and the horrors of Fairmarket is an island both unnatural and unknown. This is Fair Isle, and on it is a structure the Demons have come to know as Faircastle. A beautiful but haunting castle of titanic size and austere architecture, neither Lucifer nor the minds of Seagard know what lies in Faircastle. Both have attempted to trek across Ashemark and The Crag to reach it, and both have failed. What waits in Faircastle? Something of great and possibly terrible power. The mystery will not be solved until a band of adventurers can conquer Ashemark and The Crag...

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