As all of you know, (I hope) I've included a lot of characters in Sync 2. A freaking lot. BUT, there are even more inclusions I'd like to make... This isn't my fault, other companies just keep comin' out with new characters, and, like from the PMD scene already, not all of 'em are anything real special. I'll only include the original ones that have a purpose to the never-ending storyline. Here we goes! *NOTE! I WILL BE REVISING SOME OF THE PREVIOUS CHARACTER INTROS HERE!*
User Image(Dark Sonic, Sonic Series.)
User Image(Dark Link, LoZ Series.)
User Image (Dark Sora, Kingdom Hearts ???)
--WU TEAM--User Image(Sun Ce[DW5], Dynasty Warriors.)User Image(Sun Ce Flareon, Sync 2.)
User Image(Zhou Yu[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)
User Image(Sun Quan[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)

User Image(Cao Pi[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)User Image(Cao Pi Glaceon, Sync 2.)
User Image(Cao Cao[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)
User Image(Zhen Ji[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)

User Image(Guan Ping[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)User Image(Guan Ping Leafeon, Sync 2.)
User Image(Guan Yu[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)
User Image(Zhuge Liang[DW6], Dynasty Warriors.)

User Image(Da Ji, Warriors Orochi.)User Image(Da Ji Espeon, Sync 2.)
User Image(Himiko, Warriors Orochi.)
User Image(Keiji Maeda, Samurai Warriors.)
User Image(Masamune Date[Azure], Samurai Warriors[Normal], Sync 2[Azure].)

User Image(2.0~ Nocto Celebi--Chris, Sync 2.)
Believe it or not again, there's a pretty good chance you'll see more of these types of entries. NOW it is TIME to get BACK to SYNC!