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The Journal of the Mistress
Entry 287: EDITED: NekoCon11 2008
Well, erm.... funny thing happened... I forgot to bring my camera. sweatdrop I recorded video, but I can't really upload that. xd

Alright! That was a great trip! I actually got to cosplay completely! I know there was a least one person who video taped me and said he was going to put it on YouTube (figures), but I haven't found it yet. If any of you see the 4th Hokage, let me know! I haven't seen me yet. xd

So, the first day we drive to NekoCon in Hampton, Virginia. We were in the smack middle of miliarty town and ghetto. gonk However, we were in the nicest hotel and building in the place, so it was awesome. 3nodding Seriously, the buildings were connected by 20 feet of sidewalk. xd When we got there, we saw some cosplayers, went to our room, and unpacked. It was incredibly nice. My parents went to theirs, and my mom wouldn't stop complaning about how horrible it was. xd Well, we went to the registration to get our badges, and my brother and I were on our own. I went back to the room to get dressed up. (4th Hokage FTW!!!) We stood in line that we thought led to the Dealer's Room, where they sell all the imported stuff (and some American). Brandon wanted to see a concert, so I let him go. I was in that line for an hour trying to get to the end. During that time, a guy video taped me asking me about Shippuden stuff (Kushina-wise). My guy doesn't have a voice technically, so I had to wave and shrug at his questions. xd Then some people took some pictures of me. There were a couple of Heath Ledger Jokers running around. One of them battled Kakashi to an invisible tennis match. I got it on tape. smile Kakashi posed for me while I taped too. heart He was awesome. heart I was talking to the people behind me about if this was the line to the Dealer's Room. The dad of the 2 girls said it was, and that the line I was in was for cash and the line across from us was for credit. I figured that it was for people who needed to go to the ATM machine. As I was talking to him, some guy with 3 cameras started to take pictures of my feet. I didn't know he was down there until I looked down. He was taking pictures of Ed (from Bebop) in front of me, and it was of her feet too! eek The girls behind me started laughing and said that it was going to be on YouTube.... I looked at their dad and said, "Oh... it's going to be on something much worse..." rofl

Well, I was the 4th person from the front of the line, and I saw this sign that said Registration. I asked the people in front of me if it was the Dealer's Room, and they said the same thing. Then I changed my wording, "Is this the Registration Line?" The guy said it was. xp I was so mad! I told him what happened and he laughed, and I went off to find the Dealer's Room. It was down the hall and not crowded. gonk

I got a Ryuk plush, Gamaketsu (the yellow frog from Naruto), and Yoshi slippers for my dad. smile I called Brandon to come back to the room, and when he did, he said that the concert just started. eek It was like an hour later! So, the first day kinda went nuts.

The second day, it started raining. We first went to the Dealer's Room and looked around. We saw an AMV contest, which was awesome. smile My favorite was the Death Note Lion King: http://rutube.ru/tracks/1018830.html

We started walking out in the rain, but we decided since our parents had a car, they can probably get us and we can go somewhere. They ended up getting us something to bring back to the hotel since they already ate. My straw hat held up well! surprised At one point, I was looking for Brandon, and I started to walk downstairs (it was a 2-story building). A girl wanted my picture, so I posed and she got the picture. 5 steps into my travel, another person wanted a picture. xd After 3 more people, I finally got to the shop. I was waiting for him to come out, and what do you know, I see the girl from AMA! biggrin I waved, but she didn't recognize me. She waved back though. razz

Later that night, we went to the cosplay contests. Did I mention that we had some non-anime cosplayers? One was Zap Branigan. Another was Space Ghost. I already said the Joker was there as well as Harley Quinn. And my personal favorite, Jesus! The contest wasn't that great, but they had a little intermission game going on while the judges decided which person would win. Everyone wanted Jesus to answer the question of what was the most popular post-apotalyptic anime. xd As well as the difference between American cartoons and Japanese cartoons. Everytime he stood on the chair, a yellow spotlight would shine on him. rofl

After that, we didn't really do much of anything besides look at the art galleries and get my picture taken. I feel safe saying 10 people have taken my picture. xd I thought I was the only Hokage in there (I didn't see any), but Amanda (AMA) said that she saw another one. surprised Hmm... IMPOSTER!!!

The third day... we came home. xd I packed everything up, tried to go to the Dealer's Room, but they weren't open. Heck, I was just going to ask him when it was going to open, and he yells at me like I'm trying to sneak in. stare Meanie...

Although a great tradegy happened. My Rasengan broke last night. crying It shattered into many pieces of glass. There was only one picture taken of me after that incident and it was me holding my special kunai knife.

People Who Hugged Me
- 8 random people
- Gaara (2 twice! <3 Same person)
- Temari

People Who Talked to Me
- Kakashi (a number of times)
- Pein ( xd That was funny)
- Temari

My Favorite People
- Kakashi (what can I say? He has always been my favorite student cool )
- Joker (awesome cat-like reflexes)
- Pyramid Head ( xd )

People I Saw from AMA
- Pit (Amanda)
- Andriod 17

Best Outfits
- Watery Card
- 4-Tailed Naruto
- Moogol
- Pyramid Head


I found a video of me AND it was after my Rasengan shattered. xd

Mistress Ayeka
Community Member
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    Sevi Rais
    Community Member

    Mon Nov 24, 2008 @ 05:51am

    Sorry it took me a while to respond! I was busy with Nanowrimo! XDD But now I've completed it. <3

    Oh that sucks about the Dealer Room!!! Uuuugh I would have been mad too!! I bet other people were as well. :/ DId you go to the concert or just your brother? I bet it was awesome!

    I love the Jesus cosplay too!! How awesome!! xd What were his answers? Do you know?

    The guy from the Dealer's Room was probably tired of so many people in there or something. Those places get crowded, you know? XD I mean anime conventions in general are crowded.

    How did your Rasengan break?! And it was made out of glass?! eek I hope it didn't cut you! Ugh I hate glass that breaks.

    Yeah there usually are a lot of Hokage's in anime conventions. That's what I think anyway. heh <3

    I saw the video! But I don't know which one you are. XD Aw well, everyone looks fantastic! It makes me wish I were there! I don't know if I could find a costume though. heh

    Sounds like you had a great time! Also, what was the concert of anyway? surprised

    Mistress Ayeka
    Community Member

    Tue Nov 25, 2008 @ 09:16pm

    I can't remember the name of the band (even though there were like 5 people giving me the same flyer over 10 different times. XD My brother went by himself. I can't handle loud noises. It gives me nausea for some reason.

    Yeah. My Rasengan was glass (Christmas ornament! XD). I honestly don't know how it shattered. I didn't know until I heard glass. XD Luckily, I was in my hotel room when it happened.

    I never see Hokages. D: That's why I went as one. Oh well...

    I commented on that video (NinPlayBoxKYA is me), and I think I said the time when it happened.

    Jesus was hilarious! He didn't get to answer any of the questions except how Japanese cartoon and American cartoons differ. He said the over-exagerated body parts: huge eyes, huge boobs, etc. XD HIS exact words! rofl The real answer was the plot. Japanese cartoons tend to keep the same plot throughout the series, while American cartoons have one plot (usually) per episode. razz

    User Comments: [2]
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