Yesterday, I had quite a pleasant suprise. Since I am currently questing for my own dream avi as well, I was overjoyed when someone donated me the headband I needed for it....and then the socks...and then the head necklace!!! eek It was soooo nice, and that person was Demented Crayon! Then, thanks to FlyFlySoul, I also got the necklace and the top, so my avi is very nearly complete, without anything going out of the kiki fund.

It just goes to show the kindness of some gaians

The kiki fund is now up to 90000g so yesterday was another sucessful day. I was flitting about a lot though, so I myself didn't get to do much posting, and may have seemed a bit absent from my thread, but I didn't mean to be sweatdrop I'm still waiting for my tickets to sell as that would boost me up at least 4000g. I'm going to lower the price I'm selling them at later on today

Thats all the news for today I think

I will try and write more tomorrow.

Thanks for reading