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Eve to you,
Home Journal over time
you have really gotton me in your spell. Your touch causes me to become dizy and your kiss sends my mind in a frenzy. I wish to sleep under the stars next to you. Wish to spend every waking moment with your calm hands wraped around me. Wish you would give me any command so I might fulfill it. Wish I could please you every day.

I want to hold your head softly in my hands as I kiss you. I want to let you in my thoughts among the clutter of other things. I want to talk to you but i always become cowardly before you, I always know I'm pushing it too far too fast. I'm dieing inside waiting, yet i know I must.

As the hours pass I know that its only a matter of time until i see your bright smiling face again, but until then I must sit here and think of the brilient times we have had together. Even those times that were not so nice, at least I can see you there. Obsesed? I must be. ^^ I laugh at myself sometime for becomming so attached. I call it weakness, but at the same time it gives me streangth. Testing my morlas and my better judgment.

I feel myself evading the truth. I feel my steps leading away from you fast as if I am playing a game wih you, but I do not wish to play anymore. I want to hold you, feel you, I want to be there when you wake I want to run my fingers threw your hair. Nothing would please me more then one kiss. One time alone where I wont have to worry. A time and place where I can just let go of these thoughts that invade my dreams and bring them to life.

My thoughts, they run out of me like a butterfly flys away from a net. I have no secrets anymore. I have no me. I am what the world makes, what you make. My smile is brought out by you, my inability to hide all these girly feelings that were pushed aside. But now that the darkness roll in, what am I to do? Give up my job, my very existance to save someone so dear to me and have to leave? Or let my friends and family die for the "greater good"? What type of person is that? All of the people who save one for the lives of many, what goes through their mind the rest of there life? The stars, they are almost ready. Do I choose love over fate?

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