It was actually Tempress of the Night that suggested this to me, in a weird kind of way. I did take my own take on it blaugh

Anyway, as of today, I have 83000g towards my kiki kitty, which isn't bad considering I have been questing for it for less than a week. I'm hoping to get it very soon.

My thread has had quite a bit of action, and I have made many new friends. The thing I am most happy to see, is how giving other people are being too. It makes me very happy and makes for a very welcoming thread with a nice atmosphere.

I also created my dream avi yesterday, and after somebody donated me on of the items needed for it, I made a start on it as well. No longer will my avi look like a beggar. Hahaha

Anyway, today, I have mainly been posting, though I did play a bit of pinball too (not very good though)

Not selling many items in my shop today, but thats probably because what items I do have in there are not that desirable. I just wish the tickets would sell

Anyway, I'll probably do more detailed posts from now on. This was just a breif introduction. I'm still getting in to the hang of it 3nodding