my idea of a blog is just to write when i feel the need and about whatever it is that comes out of my fingers, so today we will discuss my midterm exams, which start this friday and end next tuesday...
property... this is gonna be hard... and i mean HARD... estates and future interests shouldnt be hard, and neither should transferrance of estates, but my prof is a whore... a ******** miserable whore. this s**t is hard because it hinges on the language used in the contracts and explanations, and this guy likes to tool with the language so its at some point out in space by the time you get asked the problem... eh, i can swing it though... i have the highest grade in the class by 4 points, which is huge (like right now thats about 10% of the total points) which means i RUINED the curve for the midterm... its not even worth a half a letter grade, which rox...
torts... what can i say? torts is my b***h. if getting owned be me were a people, Torts would now be called China.
contracts... this one is here or there... i know the law, i know the UCC and i know the FRCP, but the cases are a b***h... there are exactly 215 cases that could be on this test, and the prof wont tell us which ones, so i gotta know them all.
civil procedure... aside from wanting to nail the teacher (prof. is soooo hottie) this class is a breaze... thank you Dirk Deam of ISU for teaching me this s**t in the 90's... i could wipe my a** with this exam and still get an A
LRW... a joke... seriously... the teachers, assignments, material... the whole ******** program is a joke. A guaranteed

well there is my frist blog post in here... make sure to check out my myspace blog, which will get alot more attention than this one, BUT BE WARNED~ i used graphic language and talk about ADULT s**t in that one... you have been given your headsup, addy is

love ya, bitches