... That song is so pretty, but it is the MOST MANGLED PIECE OF ENGRISH I'VE SEEN IN MY LIFE. In terms of songs anyways. Why Lia, why?

Anyways that aside... wait, I have nothing important to talk about. |: Boredom compels me to update this time.


I drew a thingy on Azzy's graffiti on Facebook and now I'm immensely bored ... again... maybe I should just go to bed.



... well, actually getting up in the morning was kind of nice today, you know...

Okay, I decided. Getting up in the morning is nice as long as you don't have school or work to go to! Which just means that I'm a bum. Meh.

I walked Dustin to work this afternoon (well, yesterday at this point) and that was actually pretty enjoyable. I always like going for walks with him. I think those are the times I enjoy most with him, because then we're actually interacting on a social level with eachother instead of just making out or playing computer games...

... anyone else there with me on that?

I mean, not that those other options aren't good too. >.> Don't misunderstand me here.

I had wanted to go for a walk with him today, yeah? Well he said we would see eachother today, but he got home kind of late then didn't want me walking over there (cuz of the cougar) or him walking here for that same reason. Which is a good reason, I guess... not that I'm afraid of the cougar... but he came home kind of late today, so personally I think he was just too tired from "partying" to want to do anything. There's also that I kept him up last night because I fell asleep there and I move around alot in my sleep. @.@

It sucks because I had spent 2 hours baking him those cookies to give to him today. he doesn't know about them, cuz I just kept telling him I had a surprise for him. I bet after all the hype he'll think the gift is lame, but I hope he likes it anyways. (when I get the chance to give it to him, which will hopefully be tomorra) It's been a long time since I baked for someone... I hadn't really wanted to for a while after that stuff before, cuz I was always baking for you-know-who before... yeah...

Today kinda sucked man. I was all hyped and stuff and then it just turned out to be a big blowout. Jordan was being a jerk to me first-off, and that kind of upset me, then I blew off Mason because I thought me and Dustin had plans, yeah...?

Oh whatever, I see Dustin enough, don't I? what am I getting all whiny about. Pffttt

I need a life man

or summat

I kind of tend to blow off everyone else whenever I get a boyfriend/love interest


I'm really clingy. -.-

But it's not so bad as it was before, I think.

Before I would of gotten really pissy if my boyfriend told me we'd hang today but we didn't. Now it's just like... Oh, well I'm bored and I miss you, but that's cool I guess

but I saw him just yesterday so who cares?

it sucks we're not going out for dinner today like we planned either but that's completely understandable under the circumstances, and so it's only rescheduled anyways and that's okay, cuz waiting is never a problem with me

I wish the cougar would go away so I can walk outside at night again, because seriously, it's ME we're talking about here. Being forbidden to go outside at night? It's s**t.

Hmmm looks like I'm hanging with Gabriella tomorra for a while now

That's cool

I can fit everything in

yaaayyy more interaction with peeeeooppllleee besides Azzy the other day it's a new record going on now I think?

why am I being so weird today