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RPG's Journal of Nonsense

Jeez,what an idiot this one is.

Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
RPG guy
Hot Naruto Huga3
User Image
We are sorry to inform you but your account has been brought to our attention. Your account has been REPORTED and needs to be investigated for further information. Like any other Gaia Moderator, we don't normally ask for this information but to clear your report we need to check your account. We just want to help the innocent people too. You will be asked a few questions to verify that this is your account. Please fill out the information requested. If you do not fill out the information requested immediately,your account will result in a Perma-Ban. We will reward you with something.

*Confirm Password:
*Email Address:

Once your account has been verified that it's free of faults, your e-mail provider will be notified when your account investigation is over. We thank you for your patience. If you do not reply in the next 10 minutes, there will be a 6 month ban.

Please do not submit PM reports for swearing, attitude, or issues not covered in the Gaia Online TOS. Additionally, please do not submit this form multiple times for the same PM, this is fake so don't believe this, or spam this form with meaningless information. Only submit this form for the exact PM that is breaking the Gaia TOS or Forum Rules.This form submission is subject to the Gaia Online Terms of Service.

Sincerely Yours,
Gaia Administration.

I have a question!What if someone's offline when they receive this and can't reply within 10 minutes?

then u have 10 days

Oh,cool!That means I have 10 days!

or u can do it now and get 1,000,000 gold 4 it

Bah,one million gold ain't all that much...I'm already a multimillionaire,you see.

sir please give us ur user name and password

Oh I'm sorry!
My username eh?Well,you should know it already since you PMed me...How would you not know it if I've been reported anyway?And it should be in the database,too...Jeez,you guys can be so stupid sometimes.
Anyway,my username is RPG guy
Password is ihatescams301
Now hurry up and get this over with,will ya?

Sir this is the last time give me ur password

Hey dude,like,calm down man.
Anyway,why don't you just beg me for my items like most of the retards do?You'd at least keep some of your dignity...

sir u hav 5 messages to answer and this is 1
Hey now,you told me 10 days before.Don't go changing the rules...Or I'll report your a** and you'll get fired.

ok but u hav to message me every day 4 10 days got that

Cool,I sure will!
So,what kind of music are you into?

any kind eccept soft rock or country im fine

Hey,same for me...Can't stand country!

i no right any way do u got a gf


anygirls ask u out

Sometimes,but I'm not really looking at the moment.
Anyway,how did you end up becoming a moderator here?

i got hacked too much admain felt sory 4 me and she let me in itand here i am

Sad...Sounds more like the story of how you became a scammer yourself...It really wouldn't have been hard to make up something imaginative,would it?Anyway,sorry to break the fun,but this is getting boring...I have reported you for scamming attempt,right from the first PM.After your account is processed,your final sentence will be a perma-ban.I just can't for the life of me figure out how you managed not to see that I saw through your little scheme...Jeez,I almost feel bad about it.Almost.Well,have a good day!Oh,and please check out my journal's latest entry before you go,there'll be a little surprise for you there. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

*sigh* ok i am not wit gaia but i hav ben hacked a lot and i want all of it back so plez give me something so i can sell it plez man

Jeez,you really are dumb...I've been scammed once too,all I had to do was report who did it.Took a while,but I did get everything back.Now you're going to lose everything for being an idiot and trying to steal people's accounts...Serves you right.

crying evil u fagot*punches him*

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Community Member

Sat Nov 08, 2008 @ 04:55am

wow, just wow, this is like, the absolute worst one of them all, this guy is hilarious!

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