Yeah this entry is 3 days late, so what? I didn't have enough time to write out anything before now.

So Halloween was a blast. First me and James picked up Dustin (after I took forever to get ready, even though I didn't have enough time to be a dead doll again and I lost my ribbon to boot) then we drove out to meet Azzy at McDonald's at the mall, which is where she works. Then the three of us walked over to the Haunted House and waited in line - to Dustin's dismay - until we got in, along with oodles of candy, and walked through the un-scary spectacle. I mostly did it so I could see people I knew. XD I saw Kora, Tony, Natasha, and Chloe. Mason too of course, but he wasn't actually IN the Haunted House.

Then there was this whole issue thing where we all split up and almost lost eachother, but it turned out okay in the end. Me, Dusty and James had to go to his house for a little while though, before we could boot over to Azzy's.

We met up with Azzy, Mason, Chloe, Christie, Aaron, and Blanketboy Brandon at the Mac's store. Dustin bought energy drinks and was hyper as hell for like, the rest of the night. I sang Zelda Dark World music while trekking through Ferris. XD People were insane. We got back to Azzy's house and Dustin hogged all the vidyagames while the rest of us either watched, played WoW (In James' case) or goofed off elsewhere.

Me and Chloe had a chip war. Well, we threw chips at eachother and tried to catch them in our mouths, and had an unannounced contest about who could eat their chip the weirdest. XD I think Chloe won.

We had pizza and chicken-nuggets, then the remaining people (Christie and Aaron had to go) watched Braveheart upstairs. It was the first time I'd ever seen that movie, and it was a pretty good movie, but I must say it would of been better if I could actually hear the damn thing. Never watch movies with Dustin if you really want to watch the actual movie. XD Especially not movies with an accent. He didn't stop speaking with a Scottish accent for the next 2 or 3 days.

Me and Dustin stole the bed downstairs to sleep, and Chloe crashed on the couch and Mason on the floor. We fought for that bed, dammit. Well, not really. But it was nice.

Azzlyn seemed very busy all night. To be honest, even though it was her party I rarely saw her. She was probably too busy accommodating to her guests ... I know how that is. >.<

The next day I was supposed to go with Dustin to the mall, but then I went upstairs to get ready and Brandon thought I left and told him that, so he had left when I came back downstairs. -.- I rushed back home, changed and etc, then booted it to the mall hoping to catch him at EB ... which he had been there. but I missed him. I tried to describe him to the guy working there, and the process was hilarious.

Me: "Hey, can you tell me if someone's been in here? Really tall, has brown hair, wears a trenchcoat--"

Him: "--Speaks with a Scottish accent?"

Me: "... Yeah, that's him."

Him: "Yeah, he was here."

And that's when I decided just to try his house. When I got there, I got FREE FOOD! Hahahaha.... XD; Perogies yum. Yeah, they were there, as in him and James. That night was composed of me sleeping FOREVER because all Dustin did was play Saints Row 2 all night. Until Morgan came over, and then they played D&D over at the table and got smashed, but I didn't really feel like doing either of those things too much. I woke up and was hyper for a very short segment of time, then fell asleep on the couch later with Dustin. I think we both hurt our backs the way we slept, though. D:

Then the next day was spent watching Dustin play more Saints Row, him going to get his computer, then we two went for a walk to Timmies and had chicken nuggets, hot chocolate, and frosties. Dustin suggested pouring the hot chocolate in the frosties, so I did that and it yielded surprisingly delicious results. Getting a frosty this time of year was really dumb though, because I was freezing my a** off trying to eat it on the walk back to his house.

Then there was more hanging out, yadda yadda, then I got a taxi home... well, 2 1/2/3 quarters of the way taxi home, because there was construction on Booth and the taxi driver got yelled at by workers for trying to get me through there, so I ran the rest of the way home. XD

And that was my weekend. It was a pretty good weekend, I had lotsa fun.

Now I should prolly get to bed because tomorrow I'm going job-hunting and then hanging with Gab afterwards for a while, until I can go get on WoW and we can finally complete that damn Blackfathom Deeps.

Ciaaaaooo ♥