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looking for a Girlfriend that lives in Mass Just about me and my feelings

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Dragoon Knights

Info log
Heroe/Heroens:Zane Skyles Moonscar, Leonof Matsu Lunar, Sykle Zeek Solaris Raelyn Nini Oceania, Zeven Nightcrest, Vandar Darkstar

Lord Deraj, Dark Nytfall, Lady Mistress Rayne

Chapter 1
Past Memory and a young girl

Story begins at Zane past memory. (He 14 years old)

Young Zane, Leonof, and Sykle are coming home from a mini adventure from the woods when Leonof shouts.
"Sykle!! Zane!!! Look at our village of Cavalaina." They all run to the the village to see if they could be any
help to the towns people. And the mayor runs out. "I'm glad you children are alright our village is being over run demons" said the Mayor of Cavalaina.Zane tries to see over the mayor. "I have to go in there mayor i just have to go to save my family." Both Leonof and Sykle hold me back. "Zane! Zane!! maybe they got out maybe there are fine and are looking for you?" Sykle said. Leonof noded. And Zane just stops and looks up into the sky. "I hope you are right guys I hope you are right" he said.

Zane is awaken from some footsteps over the hill. (Few years later and he is 19 years old)

"Sykle what is it" he said looking up into the trees and sees Sykle pointing in the distance. "Demons among the woundering hill" Sykle jumps down from the tree. "Awaken Leonof we must press forward" They both nod and proceed to Leonof. We awaken Leonof and hushed him right away. "The Demon are just over the hills there we cant fight them" I said to him as he gets up and we run off in the distance. We arrive at the following town the next morning. I go to city hall and talked to that mayor. "The Demons are coming this way there about a day and a half behind me and my party" I said warning the mayor. The mayor shoose me off. "There is no need to alarm the citizans come now you are our guest stay relax and by the way don't bring this up to no one ok" said the mayor smiling. I look over at Leonof and Sykle. "Fine I won't" i said walking off with my party. The a young girl about the age of 16 or so bumps into me and we both fall down. Rubbing her head "Ouch that really hurt" said the young girl I stand up and put out my hand. "Im sorry Miss here let me help you up" helps the young women up. Puts out my hand and introduceses myself.

"I'm Zane. And here are my friends and teammates Leonof and Sykle. And you are" saying to the young women "I'm Raelyn Nini Oceania, but you can call me Rae" she said shaking his hand. "Nice to meet you Rae" I say back. Looks at you as you look around. "Are you ok are you looking for something?" i said. And as she was about to speak a voice from afar shouts "Rae get your a** back here now I mean it missy." Looks at a grown man looks like her father and looks at you and I say "Is he your...."she interups "He's my step father, my father died when demons attacked my homevillage when I was young, I hardly remeber him because of how young I was." I look at the man and approach him "Is there a problem sir between you and your daughter here??" I said with a concenerness in my voice. "Get out of my way punk if you know whats good for you"he said and I draw my blade out alittle bit. "I'll say it again is there a problem here?" the man looks at me and says not anymore she your problem. He then walks off. I look at you as you cry into my chest. "Oh thank you thank you he was going to beat me" she looks up at me with big teary eyes.

Hugs her and says "Everything going to be fine I'll protect you. You should join myself and my commrads on our Quest" She looks up at him and smiles "That would be wounderful."

Chapter 2
Young Girl name Rae, And the Demons arrival

The following morning the party awaken from a big crash. Zane jumps up and says "s**t there already here but I figured we where a day and half head of them guess not." Looks around to see if everyone was here but there was Rae was missing. "s**t! Sykle,Leonof wake up Rae is missing we need to go looking for her" I said with great concerned. They both araised from there sleep. Sykle asked "I'll summon Ace to look for her from the skys."
I look at Leonof and said "Myself and Leonof will go off fight some of the demons and hopefully fine Rae." And Leonof nodded as we ran out of the inn.

We search around town looking for Rae, beating down Demons, saving some towns people and Leonof points and shouts "Over there Zane!! She face to face with one of the Lord Deraj's Evil minons" I happen to look up and see her and shout "Rae!!!! get down know" as i say that she looks back ducks down as a arrow shot from Sykle from the Inn. Myself and Leonof raced over to see if she was ok. "Rae?" I said with a worried voice. Leonof looks up as 5 more demons where coming our way. "We have to get outta here now Zane" he said that and I nodded. As both me and him ran off back to the in to get Sykle.

We arrive at the Inn Sykle was fighting off some Demons. I nodded to Leonof to go and help and so he did. Sykle was able to get out of the inn and the party was able to get out of that town. Rae awakens as we are running through the forest and she says "Wha...What happened?" I look down and I see you and we stop. "Your awake?" I said to her. She looks at me with a werid look on her face. "I'm awake? I was asleep the whole time" she said. All three of use look at her. And then I say "No you can face to face with one of Lord Deraj's Demon minons."
She looks at him all confused. Then I look back at Sykle and Leonof. They where confused about the stiuation as well."Ok" I said to Rae "I'll fill you in on what has happened." I go into explaining that the demons came earlier then expected and that we had to run from the village. And that they found you in a trance of some sort and you where face to face with an Demon minon, we saved you then you fell back asleep and here we are. She looks confused about the whole thing and says "Ok Zane what ever you say?"

Chapter 3
Secerts of the young mistress Rae and a new allied


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