Why You Shouldn't Drink And Drive!
I know many teens know the dangers of driving while drinking, HOWEVER, after they've been drinking, which they NEVER think about, they ignore their friends and drive themselves anyway. If you've never had a family member or friend get drunk just to get drunk and then get into unlawful acts, you'll never really understand. But for those of you who do, PLEASE PASS THIS ON! With every traffic accident that involves alcohol, ONE-THIRD of teens get killed! FOR EVERY ACCIDENT, AT LEAST ONE PERSON IS AFFECTED, WHETHER YOU REALIZE THIS OR NOT! YOU WILL BE AFFECTED, THE VICTIM IS AFFECTED, THE PARENTS OF BOTH SIDES ARE AFFECTED, AND YES, EVEN NON-DRINKERS ARE AFFECTED! DO THE SMART AND HUMANE THING, AND STOP DRINKERS FROM DRIVING! YOU COULD SAVE OVER 1-3 OF TEEN DRIVERS AND THE AFFECTED FAMILIES! INSIDE, I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOU DID SOMETHING GREAT!