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my story : the forever swordsman
this is a story i wrote.....personally

This story’s start is at the home of a nineteen year old boy by the name of Kain Mc'cloude. "Mom where the heck is my book bag," Kain shouted from his room than a few moments later his mother was in the doorway holding his book bag by its off-colored handle "where did you find it" Kain asked inquisitively "you left it on the kitchen counter last night kiddo" his mother answered almost comically "thanks mom your a life saver" snatching the bag from his moms hand and giving her a kiss on the cheek as he passed her she then replied "have a great day at school honey" than in the distance she heard him say "I will mom. “Sprinting the last few blocks to school Kain noticed he was a minute late "aw s**t" then running full speed he got to his class room and opened the door saying "sorry I’m late Miss Jordan I kind of misplaced my bag" finishing his sentence by waving his book bag in the air then setting it beside him at his desk, then Miss Jordan replied "never mind that mister Mc'cloude you have a meeting with the Principal right now”. shocked Kain said "but I've never done anything that lead to that" Miss Jordan’s reply to that was "I understand that Kain but he just wants to talk to you about something so be on your way please" so Kain picked his bag up from the floor where he dropped it and headed out the door. Half way to the principals office Kain was wondering what this meeting was all about so he decided to speed up to find out, when he got there he was let right in to the principals office and Principal Jacobson greeted him "welcome to my office mister Mc'cloude, please have a seat," gesturing towards the chair in front of him, so following orders Kain sat in the designated chair, waiting for the news, what ever it would be. A few minutes after examining Kain, Principal Jacobson said "Kain, your being transferred to Gate View High School" Kain then shouted hysterically "what but why, I've been doing so good here I even have straight A's this year" then Principal Jacobson replied "I know Kain, its just the Administrator for Gate View came by and only gave me this" he said pulling out a decrepit history book "and asked me to give it to you, in it there was a letter addressed to me letting me know that the two sets of numbers in the back of the front cover are your classes at Gate View and that you were to be transferred immediately" Kian sadly said "but-"and just gave up knowing there was no hope in fighting this, then he said "fine, when do I leave for this stupid 'Gate View High School,' tomorrow?" the Principal only said "no you leave right now there’s a bus waiting around the back of the school, you should be on your way they will be expecting you."

I got on the bus with out a word but, in my head I was screaming at the top of my lungs. By the time I got to my new school I had tears dripping down my cheeks so I wiped those away and got off the bus turning to say bye to the driver who said "good luck buddy your going to need it" in a very raspy voice sounding almost as if he were trying to keep his voice hidden then he drove off in some what of a hurry. I then sighed and shrugged my way through the front gates heading for the quad thinking I should try to make some friends who knew the terrain better but when I walked in almost every one turned there heads towards me and it almost sounded like someone hissed then all the ones that looked started walking away from the quad, and then I just barely noticed my old friend Daniel, I then walk over to him cautiously, because of the crowd he was hanging out with and also the shear size he had grown over that single year, I approached him from behind saying "hey Daniel" he then turned on his heels and crouched a little as if he got a little spooked and said "Kain, what are you doing here?" I replied "what do you mean what am I doing here I got transferred here" he then said almost in a surprised way "YOU, you got transferred here yeah right" after that I got a little angry and said " fine don’t believe me just tell me where these classes are" opening the book showing him the makeshift schedule on the back of the cover and then right when he was about to answer the bell rang and I turned to look around but when I looked back he and his friends where gone so I decided to explore on my own, after walking for a few minutes I came to a corner, then out of the blue some guy runs around the corner and right into me knocking us both to the ground, when we both recovered and stood back up he was very pale almost white and then he sad in a shocked voice "who are you, and what are you doing on this campus, and for that matter how did you get on it" I then answer in an almost confused voice "I was transferred here just today you think you could help me out?" then the boy straightened up and said in a very delighted voice "oh good, your the transfer student I thought I'd never find you" he paused for a short while and then continued "why cant I smell you?" in a bit of shock I replied "what" he than waved his hand as if gesturing for me to follow him and then said "never mind that just follow me, the Principal is waiting for you" he then started walking towards the front building so I decided to follow him and after a few minutes we were at the double doors leading into the main office for receptions. walking in he went straight past the desk and past an open doorway turning back to see if I was following or so I thought rather, after I walked through the doorway he lead me to another, yet bigger set of double doors and said "this is where I stop you will be talking with Principal Goodly for a while and I have to be getting to class" after finishing saying his sentence he left very hastily out of the building leaving me at the threshold of the gigantic doors and then a booming yet calming voice came from behind them "come in Kain I have been waiting for you, waiting for a very long time." so I pushed open the heavy doors and gazed upon the biggest Principals office I had ever seen, walking in Principal Goodly gestured towards the chair to my left and said "please, have a seat we have a lot to talk about" I then take my offered seat and reply "why am I here sir, what I mean is why was I transferred to your school when I was doing perfectly fine at my old school" then Principal Goodly smiled and said "yes, you were doing fine, but what our admin said was the reason why we brought you here, and I know this will sound idiotic to you but, it was because you bare an uncanny resemblance to the last know king of the undead, Sire Oryan Yadame and along with that resemblance you also have the closest genetic structure to his, we have ever seen" and through out his entire 'speech' I was sitting there, flabbergasted and shocked, then decided to speak "so, what your saying is that 'vampires' do exist" he then interjects saying only "yes" then I continued saying "and that I, am supposedly some sort of descendant of this Oryan guy who you say, was the last known 'king of the undead,' and this leaves me where?" then he excitedly said "that’s just it we don’t know we thought that you would come to us already turned, but your still human unless my eyes deceive me which I doubt they do I had you brought here to under go a resurrection of sorts" after he finished I immediately reply "so what, your saying you want to turn me into one of the undead?!" he then looked a little disgusted and retorted "no of course not, not me, your home room teacher Mrs. Felicia Flint will have a line of females for you to chose from to turn you" at the mention of that name I was being stoned in my mind, after the shock had left me, I asked "wait you mean THE Felicia Flint, my so called ancestor who mauled three men before being driven from the town by a mob of angry townsfolk?" he then gleefully replied "the one and only" I drop my face into my hands and went into some deep thinking, and after a few minutes I pick my head back up from my hands and said "fine when do we do it?" Principal Goodly's ears pricked up and then within a second or less he was standing next to me saying "follow me we will begin immediately" then I asked "well wait, what about my mom what do we tell her?" he grimaced then said "well its unavoidable we will have to send our admin to tell her that on your way home you were that last on the bus and the bus crashed so your going to have to sit very still for your open casket wake, now if you will please, we must be on our way again" so I follow him but not to the double doors but to the bookshelf, then he pulled one of the books and let go of it after two seconds and the bookshelf moved out of the way to reveal a passage way leading to the other side of the school, when we came out of the passage we were in the quad where I first encountered my old friend and then went into the nearest building, it was second period of the three that the school had every day and we waited in the corner till the bell rang and third period was starting to fill the room and the teacher presumably Mrs. Flint came towards us, the Principal greeted her with "hello Felicia how are you this fine evening" she turned to him "fine, and who might this be" she replied curtly but shortly after gave a furtive look in my direction then the Principal said "this my dear, is your great grandson five times removed, and the reincarnation of our lordly leader Oryan Yadame, his name, is Kain Mc'cloude" she looked quite shocked at the sound of my last name then she said "that was my first sons last name, but I thought he died in world war 2" the Principal, starting to look a little sad at the mention of her first son but then perked up a little and said "but apparently he survived as shows the proof before our eyes" then I decided to ask a question "um, if you don’t mind my asking what was your sons first name?" she looked at me almost glad that I had asked the question "I’m happy you asked, by the way you have the kindness that your predecessor had, sorry that was off subject, his name was Leo, Leo Mc'cloude" then awkwardly I even perked up to that name and said "hey that’s my dads name, do you think they were related?" then Principal Goodly replied "of course they were, I've already checked, your father was named after his grandfather the original Leo Mc'cloude hence here you are the byproduct of your mother, Magdalene, and father being the descendant of one of the teachers here and the no life king Oryan Yadame" he then strode over to where Felicia was standing and said to her "well then Felicia have you gathered your girls yet or should we wait a little longer?" the she replied as curtly as ever "yes they are all ready but one did not want to participate so she’s hiding" then she gestured towards all the girls in the classroom and then they had all assembled in a sort of inspection line, then Mrs. Flint looked at me and said " which would you have as your queen?" at the word queen I blushed the deepest red I ever had and all of the girls were staring and giggling then I said shyly "wait, are you saying the one I chose to 'bite me' also has to be my queen?!" the two 'adults' looked at each other than said "of course, they are all doing this of their own accord so there’s no need to worry, and besides have you ever heard of a king who rules with out a queen?" I then immediately replied "yes I've actually heard of many!" as soon as I said that they got a little impatient and simultaneously said "so are you going to choose or do we have to chose for you?" so I said "hold on a minute let me look around I guess" I start looking around at the girls when in the background I see the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, poke her head out from behind a table and then squeaked when she noticed what I was looking at and ducked back behind the table, I had made my decision and now I was going to make it verbally "her, behind the table" she jumped up in shock and, in that moment I was able to see her, she was five foot seven inches a healthy yet skinny size and her hair was dark blue with red highlights all around she was about an A cup, but I don’t think that really matters, and her eyes, her eyes were a brilliant, and beautiful shade of crimson then suddenly she disappeared from my sight and reappeared beside Mrs. Flint who then said "she is the one who did not want to participate" I wasn’t surprised that she said that so I said "yeah I kind of guessed that, but you also said I could 'have' who ever I want and, I think I've made my up mind already" then the Principal stepped forward and said "alright, alright, enough squabbling we'll give you a week and see, if you haven’t changed your mind by then, than she will have to do it" then he whispers to me only, saying "I'll put off telling your mother the 'bad news' till later" after he finished saying that he walked over to Mrs. Flint and said something to her that was inaudible to my ears then he turned back to me and asked "have you noticed anything weird about yourself like maybe the sensation of flight will running or maybe running faster than all the other students at your old school or maybe even moving things with your mind?" now that had shocked me, no I hadn’t have noticed any of those things but of all unexpected things to happen the girl I had chosen suddenly said "I know how to find out about that last one" she picked up a pencil and chucked it at my face full force, before either of the teachers could do anything it was already half way to my face I automatically took a shielding position and then, nothing, after a few minutes I heard some gasps and sighs I couldn’t tell if they were of relief or the other kind, if you know what I mean, so I decided to reopen my eyes and see what the commotion was all about and right when I did, the tip of the pencil was floating just inches from my face, I jumped back and fell to the floor and as soon as I was out of the way the pencil went flying on its path of destruction into the wall behind me then I nervously say "what the hell just happened?!" then Mrs. Flint said "you, stopped the pencil mid-flight which means, you do have a latent ability and a very powerful one at that and this gives proof to it" and Principal Goodly just stared at me with a huge smile on his face then it turned angry and he turned to face the pencil flinger saying "what were you thinking Lillian you could have killed the greatest vampire to ever exist" then I spoke up, finally knowing my assailants name "so, your name is Lillian?" she got really angry at that and hissed at me, then stormed of to her desk in the far left corner of the room then Mrs. Flint said "oh well, I guess you'll just have to deal with her cause your going to be sitting next to her for the next week, unless you change your mind that is" then I hear another hiss from that very same corner of the room and then an angry sigh "yeah I guess it might work out" I say after she finished her sigh, then one of the vampire boys in the class came up beside me and said "would you like me or some other guys to go with you, she can be pretty difficult at times" then I reply to his question "no I should be fine, hopefully" he laughed lightly and said "well than in that case I might as well introduce myself before I lose my chance, my name is Travis Wheeler" so I said "hi Travis I'm-" he cuts me off and says "I know who you are, your Kain Mc'cloude or rather the soon to be new Oryan Yadame and its an honor to have befriended you" I had gotten a little shocked at that and said "wow do all of you here at this school know who I am" then he chuckled a bit and said "only the vampire half of the school, the werewolf side thinks your a menace to their society, but they don’t know your human name yet so don’t get so wary" I then reply "yeah sure I'll try, any way I should be on my way to my seat" then Travis laughs pretty hard and says" that’s pretty ironic considering your seat was just demolished" I turn to see Lillian glaring angrily at me then does the most childish thing ever, sticks her tongue out at me then shoves her head into her waiting arms on the desk just waiting for the inevitable to happen, so I walk cautiously over to the back corner of the room and lean against the wall I then say "you know that’s not very nice' after I finished talking I heard a low hiss from under the pile of blue-red hair then decided to try and compliment her so I said "by the way when I first saw you I noticed a hint of green in the middle of your red high-lights, I personally like it" she then turned her head to look up at me with her beautiful blood red eye through her hair and said in a beautiful silken voice "that’s only visible to my kind, how come you can see it?" there was a confused look in her eye and I said "well ever since I was a child I had very sensitive eyes, and ears for that matter" all of a sudden she gets that angry look in her eye again and turns her head back down into her arms then I said "wow, you remind me of my mom on her period right now" she lifts her head and she has a scowl plastered to her face and says quietly but very harshly to me "that’s because I got turned when I was on my period and now I'm stuck there for ever!" I then took a moment to gather myself again and said "yikes, I know how you feel my mom is going through menopause right now and gets really aggravated really easily so yeah I guess you could say I feel your pain" she then said "no, you don’t, you don’t even know the half of it," she paused for a while during which she turned her head again to look at me then continued with "your name is Kain right, well if you don’t change your mind and this does happen I'm not calling you by oryan I'm still calling you Kain" I then gladly replied to her "perfectly fine with me I didn’t even want this entirely" she then looked at me sadly and said "then why did you chose me if you didn’t even really want it?" then I reply "I do but not with the whole arranged marriage thing and seeing as to the fact that you didn’t want to participate told me that you felt the same and besides I kind of like you, your the most beautiful of all the girls in this room to me, heck even in the whole world" she let out one laugh and I could see the smile in her eye but then it went sad again and she turned her head back down again then she said "you must be delusional" then I play shocked and gasp slightly which apparently was the wrong response because the entire class room looked at me thinking something bad happened even Travis had a few of the other guys prepped for action so I waved my hand in a way to say 'nothing happened were fine go back to class' then every one went back to there business except for a few of the girls it took them longer to look away then I went back to what I was going to say in the first place "how mean, the only thing I'm delusional about is how your beautiful red eyes treat me" she then turns her head yet again and stares directly into my eyes with a captivating glare and said "beautiful, how are these dreadful, evil, eyes beautiful?" I just stare into her eyes for about three minutes and then she said "never mind" finally blinking, allowing me to look away and also letting me say "he, wow, sorry I got trapped in your gaze, but as I would have said, your eyes are unique and very, very beautiful and I don’t se why you cant believe that" I stopped talking for a few minutes and then start up again with "and now I have this to say, please just you know give me a chance if you do you might find that I'm actually a pretty nice guy" as soon as I finished my sentence she looked at me again but as soon as she was about to speak again the bell rang and I turned to look around and like I guessed every one was gone already except for us then I look back at her and she has her face hidden in her arms again so I tell her " I leave you to think more on it over the night" I then pick up my bag and head out the door when. When I had gotten home my mom was waiting at the kitchen counter and looked glad to see me and ran over to and hugged me very firmly out of breath I choked out "mom---- I----cant----breathe" she then releases me and grabs me by the shoulder and said "what took you so long getting home I thought something bad might have happened to you" I looked away from her and decided to tell her " I just felt like walking home today mom I'm fine" I then broke lose from her grip and walked up to my room shutting the door behind me then getting undressed as I get to my pants I notice someone looking in from the tree outside my window, I walk over to it and open it then say "who are you and what do you want" she then shows her self and I recognized her from the line in third hour today and then she said "I am one of the girls you turned down today and I actually want you so I came to get you" I then reply to that with "to bad if you mess with this you might get that boot from the principal maybe even worse so don’t even bother" she scowls at the thought of it and then decides to leave, jumping from the tree and running down the street in the direction of the school

after reading it please leave comments

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    Jellyfish Tamer
    Community Member

    Thu Jan 22, 2009 @ 05:42am

    Whoa... Stream of consciousness. THAT POOR GIRL STUCK ON HER PERIOD FOREVER crying Why do writers feel the need to torture their characters?

    I usually only read a story after I've read the description. I think it would be a good idea if you added one.

    Aaaand paragraphs. I love them. They are awesome. Don't you agree?

    Lol, gaia is funny, I like this, bye!

    Azeral-Angel Of Death
    Community Member

    Wed Jun 03, 2009 @ 01:11am

    sounds like one of my dreams i had a month ago eek

    Community Member

    Wed Jul 08, 2009 @ 03:17am

    omfg that was interesting i love it and its not scary or sad but its funny and good^_^

    Paha Kalmo
    Community Member

    Wed Jul 08, 2009 @ 09:30pm

    Such a nice story... Torture the character's all you can!!

    Community Member

    Thu Nov 05, 2009 @ 06:24am

    Nice! biggrin

    DJ Etheraum
    Community Member

    Tue Jun 08, 2010 @ 07:11am


    User Comments: [6]
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