RP part 4
You are purity. You may not realise yet but you are the purest substance that I have ever been in contact with. Neither the freshest waters, nor the cleanest of any diamonds compares to that of your eyes, let alone your soul. To me, my promises are the bonds that I have to you. They are the few things I can gaurentee to you, even if I have to die to make them happen. All for your smile. All for you and only you.

A smile broke out on her rosy lips. "These bonds confine me to the person I wish to be with. I want to thank you for keeping me so close and never giving up hope on me. Let my heart beat once again, let it race at the sight of you. I cannot make any promise, and I'm shamed to say that. Being so lifeless, I cannot promise anything except prehaps misery. Though what is misery to one is only pleasure to you." She lets go of him and stares into his eyes. "You are strange indeed my love. Not another like you shall ever be found."

Of course I am one of a kind my love. Only I can care for you the way I do. There is no other and I refuse to let there be. My misery is what I let take hold and constrict me. We let ourselves suffer, and dont take control of our own lives when we suffer. When I am with you, my suffering is absolved into a little ball that can be kicked clear aross the country and never to return.
-An erie Silence was upon them.-

The wind blows across the dirt floor under them sending particles of debris around them. "Misery is not a feeling I feel anymore. I believe I feel nothing anymore. Innocent lives are taken before my eyes yet I feel no pity. Sweet couples getting married under a chapel does not make me smile in happiness. My heart feels nothing anymore as the night and day pass me as if I were nothing. Though when I'm with you it is different. It is only you who makes my heart beat again. It is only you who can put a warm smile on my face." Taking his hand, she brought it to her lips and kissed it sweetly. "And I thank you for holding me close all this time."

-Her sweet words brought a smile to his face. He felt as if his purpose was clear to him, yet somehow he could'nt shake his thoughts of her and that night-

I am pleased to hear that I bring you joy. I can think of no better way to please you than to make you feel alive again. To me you are one with the living always, and to have you here is to feel as if you never left. You are alive in my heart and I will hold this true always...Will you stay this time?

A small frown crossed the girl's lips at the male's words. "I cannot promise you that I will stay..." Being among the living and yet with the dead it made it difficult for her. She would be called again when her time was up and forced into confinement again, but this time forever. Though she promised herself not to reveal such fact to her lover. "...but I do promise to be with you for as long as I can." Now that was a promise she could keep. It somehow made her feel happy inside.

* He frowned and quickly looked toward the sky* " I see... If it is your wish, though I do not agree. I shall make our final moments together enjoyable.

-He had no intentions on letting her go again, but he knew it was almost inevitable choice when she made it. She was always strong and confident in her decisions. He, was always cautious and precise. However something within him would refuse to let her slip through his embrace of affection. -

Shall we take a walk my love... For old times sake?

"A walk is something I would enjoy." Her steps were soft and smooth. The grass under them bent in pain as the boots landed on their fragile bodies that would die with the sudden contact. She paid not attention to them, instead she thought of the being that was walking beside her. Coming back always came with a price. Come to life and see your love though when night of Halloween falls so shall you. A shiver ran down her spine as she sang the tune in her mind. The song that had haunted her till now. Looking up she knew time was near and Halloween night was soon to fall upon their weak forms. Glancing at her lover she only smiled sweetly as if nothing was wrong.
-The sun...so pure and beautiful as the person who would place a smile upon her delicate lips. Perfect would not be the right term to use to describe the male. He was more angelic, the one who would lighten a darken path. The one who would warm one's heart which had frozen underneath a layer of hate. Dislike being replaced with passion as darkness was replaced by light. The way it would radiate as well as the joyful spirit that would linger upon him as he walked the streets looking for that one he changed. The one that he had come to love and shower his affection upon. The moon like being who became like himself and shine like the morning who is aided with the help of the sun.-

Almost immediately he noticed her smile. It brought him comfort to witness her expression of happieness, be it temporary or authentic. As they walked, the night breeze flowed through her hair, making it dance and flutter about. He was so distracted by her company, he lost all care for the world around him. He forgot about his pains, his sorrows, his anger, his confusion, and his doubt. The only thing that mattered was his passion for the one next to him. What was it about her that drew him so close? Her motionless heart was still there. Her cold skin still felt warm. Her empty eyes were still full. Was death merely a state of being? Or was it an accepted reality? In this case, She suffered the harsh reality, but he would not let it be true in his mind.

As they continued to walk she could sense his carefree personality radiate from his form. It made her happy and sad at the same time to see him so happy with her. It made her feel a bit disgusted at herself that she had allowed something of such innocence fall in love with her. If this was never like this then she would be able to leave this world without guilt. She would be able to leave without being remembered. So many people would hate that thought, but it made her happy inside. To know someone you care for will not be affected by your death. Were somebody's life will not be ruined just because yours was cut short. Love is pain and nothing more to her. Abruptly stopping, she looked up at him not releasing his hand. "I'm sorry that I love you..."

" Your sorry? I dont quite understand? Do not apologize! I am glad to hear that from you. It makes me feel more alive than the day of my own birth, to hear you say this."

His naive presona allowed him to speak as if everything were going to be the same as they ever were. What a fool he is. He just wished he knew what was going on in his loves mind. It pained him to be in the dark though the only light left was that of his love's feelings for him. This was all he had to guide him through these times of lonlieness.