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J of the Wind
My beliefs, my dreams, and my lostin thought moments
RP part 3
RP part 3

Two years had passed and a girl was sitting at a certain grave. It was showered by millions of red rosy petals that had been placed upon it. From what it looked like she must have taken one and placed it everyday. Bringing her knees up to her chest she lets out a sigh. It was the same exact day she had run away to change and become a better person. A person who he deserved to love. Though everything about her was the same. The darkness that followed her about. The fangs and bloody eyes which were used to scare off others. But no not him, he stayed. Glancing at the ground she began to trace sweet nothings into the ground as a silent tear escaped her eyes and rolled down her pale face.

-Staring out of his window at the progressing world outside, he sat. Was he waiting? Still searching? He had never given up. Every night for the past two years he would go out into the night, screaming. The people around him gave him looks, tried to shut him up, spread rumors of his sanity. He did not care. The things of this world no longer matteterd to him. A piece of his heart was missing. He needed to find it.

He got ready to leave the house, the sun setting soon. He walked to the nearest floewr shop as his ritual was for so long. checked his gun in his back pocket. He remembered the creatures of the night that could atack again, and took to mind that he may have to defend his love if ever found.

Finally, he made his way to where it all started...-

The feeling of someone near broke her out of her trance. Looking up quickly, she began to scan her surroundings. The person near was human, something that would not threaten her. Hell, they were nothing but a sweet meal to her. Knowing this fact she tilted her head and waited for the being to come into her view. What she saw was not what she was expecting. She felt her breath get caught in her own throat and she felt as if she couldn't breath anymore. Quietly, she whispered out his name wondering if it was really the person she had left so long ago.

His face remained expressionless. As he walked through the cemetary gates. His heart pounded harder, making him pause. He looked around and saw nothing. He approached his loves grave. Though filled, he knew that there was only a corpse of her first victim deep inside her grave. He did not care. Someway, somehow, his love had died. But she can and will be revived. This is what he held true.

-Taking a rose up to his face, he kised it, plucked off a petal, and dropped on top of the plot. He then bowed his head for a single tear to roll off of his nose tip. and onto th eground where he remembered his love once laid. The same place where he dreamt of her.-

"You came back," the voice was cold and stuck the man like a wave of terror. She knew. She stood behind him as if she had magically teleported here. Bloody eyes were locked onto the person before her. Fangs slightly bared, she only touched the back of her had. It was strange seeing him again. He looked the same. Strong featured made up his face. The same face she had learned to love. The same face that had taught her to love ago. Remembering the fear in his eyes the first time he had seen her, she quickly backed away. She didn't want to make him fear her. "Don't cry," she commanded.

- mouth agape, he stared into her eyes once more. He could not believe his own eyes. He dropped the rose immediately. Silence was broken with a loud yell from the bottom of his throat -

Its...YOU! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??? I have been worried to death! I feared I had lost you! I waited! Searched! I had never given up! And now that I finally find you after YEARS, and you tell me not to CRY!!!???

I will cry if I want! I have every right to you...you!!... * he fals to the ground* Where have you been my love? Why did you leave me? Where did you go? So many questions... Please just tell me one thing. * he looks up* Do you STILL love me?

She just stood there and watched the male before her break down and begin to yell at her. She flinched slightly by his words but did nothing more. She felt as if she was going to cry while listening to him yell and weep. She had harmed him. Once he fell to the ground, she only smiled. He was so weak, he cared so much and only tired himself out.

Walking over to him, she knelt down and lifted his chin. Softly, she grazed her lips upon his before looking up at him. He was still so warm compared to her. "The reason I left was because I loved you. I wanted to be the person who should be by your side. I wanted to become the person you deserve to love." She let him go and dropped down to the ground as well. Looking away she let out a sigh, "I've tried and yet I have not been able to change myself. I'm still the monster I wished to never become. I'm sorry."

Your not a monster... Your my love. Your my heart. Your the final chapter in my book that yearns to be complete. Monsters cant be loved, yet I love YOU. I know who you are and nothing will change that. Please stay with me. I need you by my side. I will warm your body as it once was. I will return your pulse I promise, somehow. But just dont go... I need you...

*he threw his arms around her and whispered " dont leave me"*

-His scarf fell off and fluttered in the breeze passing through. In his mind she would say yes, she would never leave and stay with him forever. However there as doubt in his mind that she would agree.

"You cannot change me, you cannot make my lifeless heart beat again. I have tried over the years only to be welcomed by the pain of failure, the pain of knowing I cannot be the one suited for someone like you." When she was hugged, he body shook slightly under his. The whisper cause chills to run down her back. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up and screamed. She slowly pushed him away, her face dull. "I have always been with you. I watch over you, making sure nothing gets to you." During the years she had watched him walk the streets alone. How it ached her so.

*falls back on his behind* Wh-Why?

Youve been watching me? And never even said anything? Youve never even let me know you were still there... *clenches his fists* Im supposed to be the one watching over you... I made a promise

-He gets up with his fist still clenched and walks towards her. -

Please my love... come back to me... I dont want to force you, but I will if it comes down to that. I wont let you go again. I love you...

The vampire said nothing and only watched the man become angry. Eyes noticed the clenched fists but said nothing. "I told you, I wanted to be someone who could be perfect for you." She looked away as he came over to her. Hearing his voice made her smaller body shake. Diverting her attention back to the male, she bared her fangs. "I will not come with you if I don't wish it." She loved him a lot, and that is the reason she couldn't be with him. A monster and a mortal would only danger him.

Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder. I have never witnessed perfection in all its glory any more than when I see you, hear for, feel you near... My love please... Stop this foolishness and return with me. I need you to be safe with me. We can make it work, I swear to you. Please, I have lost you before and wished I was dead, but I remained true to your words and my promise to you. I said I would live on, and here I am. I wont leave you again. I live for you. And without you, I have nothing to live for...

* he approaches closer ignoring his loves fangs* So I will ask again... Do you LOVE me still?

With an intake of breath, she only stared at him in they eyes. She listened to him speak and took every word in. To him she was perfect, she was what she wished with him. Embracing him tightly, she kissed his neck. "I do love you," she said. Water was felt dancing along the soft flesh of his neck. But, no it wasn't rain it was her tears. Tears for her own foolishness. Leaving him for so long to become something she already was to him. Closing her eyes, she felt mortal again. She though for a second, her heart beat again. If only for a moment.

-He thought he would never get thuough to her. But he unclenched his fist and held her close. He held her tightly and felt what seemed like the warmth he fell in love with the first time. Letting her go was not an option for him. He almost used force to keep her, ut he could never force his love to reamin unhappy. Then he thught of his selfishness in the matter.-

I am sorry...I am forcing you to be someone who I want you to be... I am the one who is not perfect. No wonder you... left me. I understand.* he took her away from him and held her in front of him* Go... If you must, just go. I want you to be you. Force is not my answer.

It felt as if her already dead heart died more. More then what it already was. "No, it was not force that kept me. It was my love for you. My want. You are everything I wish you to be. Be nothing more, nor nothing less." She let go of him and let her hands drop to her sides. "You're everything to me," she said in a whisper. The wind blew and her hair danced along with it in a playful manner.

My love...You have been through so much. What has become of you...Of us? Tell me how we wil get through this together?

- He shivered because of the quick chill passing through his jacket. He thought about that fateful night. The creature that attacked, and his usefulness. He wanted to protect her, but he was as she said, a mere mortal.-

She broke their embrace and only stared at him with dark eyes. "It does not matter what has become of me." Slowly she ran her pallid fingers across his slender face. "We shall get through this as long as we are together, or prehaps not. I only speak for myself when I say this. I can go on as long as you are with me, I don't know how you shall go on though. Even though I may be the same person, I'm very much different." Looking away, her hands dropped beside her. "I'm sorry, I must sound as if I speak nonsense now..."

Just hearing you speak is pure bliss for me... I only want to fulfil my promises to you. What has become of you is not important, only what will become of us is. Let me help you. Let me care for you the way I always have. We will find a way, I know of it.

-He attempts to embrace her again despite her breaking away.-

My love, I need to ask of you. What was it... That thing that tore us apart that night? What tried to harm you? * he shuddered not for the wind this time but at the flashes of memory that came to him at that instant of a fowl beast attacking his love*

She let herself be swallowed by the warmth her lover offered. Breathing deeply, she closed her eyes and recalled that night she had left. "It was just a nuisance, it was disposed of rather quickly. Nothing for you to worry about." Finally bringing her arms up, she hugged the man back lightly. "Your promises are the only thing that keeps me going. How true on can be to their words. I have never seen such. Never did I think I would find something so pure in a dark world like this."

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