RP part 2

-He watched his love break through the ground that fateful night after Haloween. She burst through with such energy, such strength... She wasnt the same... She was more than before. However he ignored this, schocked as he was. To see his love rise again was his only reason to stave off fear of what monster she had become. She needed nourishment... And a sacrifice was brought...-

Oh my love... I told you I would provide you with whatever it took to keep you alive... and I found him. Lead him to you. And let you feed. You are still my love.

* he thinks to hiself "Shall I become your next victim? If our love holds strong, I have no worries"*

Feed my love... Live again. Love again...

I have fed, I have killed and I thank you for allowing me to do such sinful crimes. I feel like I have awakened in the form of a monster. A form I never wanted to see myself in. Whatever it may take, I may starve but I shall never feed off of you. I shall not danger you in any way my love.

I believe you. When I look into your eyes, I still see the one who I held dear in the past. Nothing about your spirit has changed, so come with me. Let us walk away from your grave. Away from the past, away from this corpse. Start anew! I shall appreciate your beauty for what it is! This i promise!

*Holds out hand*

*takes hand after hesitation*

I thank you for always being with me, and I wish to somehow repay you one day. At the form I'm in right now I cannot promise anything. Not even the safety of your own living soul. So please, as though I try to control myself. My urge for blood shall not seize until I have changed. Until then I wish for you to be careful and leave me if you find me dangerous. Promise me this.

*kisses hand*

*looks away* I...promise.

*looks back at you and smiles, begins to walk forward*

I am just glad for your return from the valley of death. Every waking moment was torment on my soul... I care not what happens to me. I shall defend you with my life! I lost you once to the grasp of fate. Never again shall fate grasp you! Not while I still live.

-grabs chin and forces you to look into vampire's crimson eyes-

You shall not lie to me, for I can tell what your eyes hold. It is nothing but lies. It was saddening for me to be without you, but I have learned how helpless I'm without you. It was a lesson I shall not forget. But, if you ever dare do anything stupid to danger your life for me, I shall kill you with my own hands.

-voice quiets down and eyes sadden-

Live long and strong to defend me from all dangers in my road of life.

* eyes widen as she speaks*

Y...Yes my love. You are right. I should live and I shall. To protect and love you is my purpose in life, and shall it remain so. Now, let us go... * kisses her on the forehead*

-An image of those Crimson eyes were burned in his mind even after he blinked several times. He could not wash away the image of the fear instilled in him from a single glance. He still loved her, and found solac in this fact alone, but he realized he must be cautious at all times... For his love was still hungry in reality... for blood.-

Let us leave now my love. It is getting a bit chilly out tonight. * Takes jacket off*

Here, use my jacket. Youll catch your de- I mean, I want you to stay as warm as I have always remembered you.

Slowly follows the man while the trees cast a shadow upon them. Her mind is racing as she remembered the fear that she had struck into the man she loved. What shame it brought her, as well as guilt. Her lifeless heart began to feel heavy. It was strange though, only he could make her feel anything anymore. Her hand tightened against the hand of the others in an apologist way. She was pulled out of her thoughts when the jacket was handed to her. Shaking her head and smiling sadly, she pushed it back towards him. "No, my body is cold now. Warmth is not something I need anymore. The warmth I receive from you is more then enough. You're mortal body longs for protection from this weather."

-she places jacket back around him and looks away-

You seem discontent. Is something wrong my love? Please...Tell me. It is what I am here for. I want to help you in any way possible. I am not sure what you need or why, but talk to me please. Allow me to share your thoughts as I listen to the graceful voice that I fell in love with so long ago.

*puts jacket back on, quickly looks around as they leave the grave site*

-she turns to speak to him, her fangs slightly exposed. blood like eyes glowing-

"I know you fear me. I know what you may feel and I want you to know I'm sorry for making you fell the way you do." The girl as dark as she may be now still had feeling for the being before her. Let him be mortal, angel, demon, whatever he may be he has captured her in chains. Chains that bound her to him in which she cannot escape if she even wanted to. That was the thing though, she didn't want to. "I know you fear me, I know I frighten you. There is no need to hid your real feelings."

-Bringing her pallid fingers up, she traces his handsome face-

"It's ok."

I-I cant lie to you my love... I do have some traces of fear in my mind. But my soul rings with your name! It is written im my heart to love, care for, and respect YOU. I will not leave you because of fear. I fear death, yet I live. I fear being harmed, yet I walk in the streets filled with danger. I fear losing you, yet...here you are. I have not let go of you. And nor shall I ever think that way.

-His heart being true with every word, he wondered what his love had become not on the outside, but on the inside. Has her way of loving him changed? He has lost her tragically once, But to lose her twice would not happen.-

His words caused her to smile sweetly which quickly vanished as if it was never there. "thank you. for you i battled to come back, and i m happy to know it was all worth it. even if you had not returned my love for you i would have still tried to come back into your arms. i-i" suddenly she is cut off when something catches her attention, turning to the side her red eyes begin to spark and a growl is emitted from the depths of her throat.

"You promised to be safe and i expect you to be. do you understand me!" voice cold, she jerked her hand away from his and vanished. another of her kind had seen him and he seemed hungry. she would not allow the other to harm the only man who taught her to love.

M-My love... I want to protect you... I SHALLL NOT LET YOU BE TAKEN AWAY AGAIN!!!

* his screams didnt seem to phase her, he falls to the ground in fear, anguish, and pity*

I understand my love... I shall not linger.

* starts to back away slowly, not taking his eyes off of her. He couldnt bare to look away*

His voice was almost as clear as if he was right next to her. Blocking him out of her mind she continued her way towards the threat and got rid of it rather quickly. Blood stained, pure innocents tainted she came to a conclusion she couldn't return to the one she loved. She had to be different. She had to forgive herself before she could face him again. She didn't deserve someone of such high states. He was so perfect, while she was a dead being walking alongside with mortals. "I'm sorry,"

-that night she disappeared-

-He thinks to himself, " What have I done? " It was HIS own fault that she died. It was his responsibility to take care of her. He had failed. And now she was gone. Lost to the darkness of her own mind as well as the night. He could not accept this. He vowed to protect her no matter waht. He ran around calling her name, his voice echoed through the night. He didnt care what hapened to him, he just wanted to have her next to him again...-

"WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME HERE ALONE AGAIN?" * he collapses from exhaustion, in a pool of his own defeat and tears. Hi flips onto his back and stares into the sky. He only sees his love in the moons surface*