Well this is what i found about lucrecia on the game maker page. its hard to get this info so i am not going to give the page link sorry... :/

NAME: Lucrecia Crescent
Race: Enhanced human
Occupation: Red Mage
Status: Vincents girl
JOB: Professor
AGE: 24
SEX: Female
Birthplace/Home: Alexandria

Appearance: Perhaps she isn't the beauty she once was, but some might say otherwise. Lucrecia is blessed with porcelain white skin, very dark, slightly wavy brown hair which delicately brushes her shoulders and cascades down her back, brilliantly green eyes that have surreal, vertical slits as pupils, and a very slender, willowy body, graced from many years of dance.
Lucrecia generally wears nothing but white - white is a very significant colour for her. A white dress of linen or cotton usually clings to her torso and falls in waves to the ground. Most of her dresses have no sleeves - the barrier against movement is insufferable to her, and more often than not her dresses are merely material wrapped ingeniously around her body, baring her torso.

Personality: Lucrecia is unstable. Three personalities seem to have housed themselves within her - the first being the personality she possessed before the Experiment, the second being the strange, mysterious and yet sadistic form which seems to have been created during the time of the Experiment, and the last being a twisted combination of the two. The third is the one that seems to dominate.
Character's Background/History: Lucrecia's past is shrouded in many mysteries, and many dark secrets. Once known to be a bright and cheery young woman who deviously stole the hearts of many with her beauty and charm, Lucrecia has since witnessed her downfall...and with it, her sanity. The fact of whether Lucrecia still exists is unknown; the 'thing' that has supposedly possessed her is nothing like she used to be. But let's start at the beginning.
Lucrecia Crescent was not the average child. Born to a family of wealth and privilege, often she could be found toying with electrical appliances rather than the usual building blocks of wood and small dolls. By the age of 12, Lucrecia had established her place in school as one the most intelligent of all the children, and constantly shocked and at times horrified her parents, teachers and peers with her varied and often dangerous experiments. With the use of mako (which was considered a form of drug and wasn't hard at all to get your hands upon) she injected various animals and kept them in the basement for observation, watching them grow to twice their size, become creatures of extraordinary speed, and eventually become monsters that more than once tried to devour her fingers.At the age of 18, her experiments had gotten out of hand. It was on the night when Lucrecia had decided to inject herself with Mako and observe the results. Her parents, after finding her notes based on all of her experiments since she was younger, realised the horror Lucrecia could bring into the world, and gave her an ultimatum. Either shape up, or ship out. Naturally, she chose the latter.

Shinra was to be her next home. Professor Hojo, head of the Sciences Department within the company, knew of her skills and 'talents', as he told her. She became one of three assistants, helping Hojo with various experiments that still continue to this day by his sucessors. Shinra was often under fire by what was said to be 'unethical' experiments Professor Hojo conducted, and often carried out the most serious of their work in secret. The Experiment that changed Lucrecia's life was among them.
By this time, Lucrecia had met and fallen for a Turk named Vincent Valentine, but their relationship was not to be. Their romance was cut short by the death of Vincent's father, and for that Lucrecia blames herself, but why will never be known. Perhaps it was the reason as to why Lucrecia soon became involved with and then married Professor Hojo and fell pregnant..and of course broke Vincent's heart. But the truth behind it was the child Lucrecia fell pregnant with...a quick deal with Hojo and another experiment was to take place. The marriage was only to suppress suspicions. The experiment that was said to end Lucrecia's life.
The being that fell from the sky, Jenova...her stem cells were injected into Lucrecia's womb while she was pregnant, with safety precautions to prevent the cells entering her own lifestream. The unborn child was to be a miracle...a legend among men. Naturally, with her past experiences, Lucrecia was more than willing to give up her own son to the cause of science. Perhaps a choice that brought her true beginning...she likes to think so.
The baby was to be born. Lucrecia was suffering labour pains, and with it, an unknown surge of energy that ripped through her torso and made her screams three times as worse. Unknowingly, Jenova cells had leaked from the precautions taken and were now changing Lucrecia's DNA...perhaps an explanation to why her pupils changed.
Lucrecia died during childbirth that night at exactly midnight. She never got to see her silver haired child, the one that was later christened Sephiroth...and she never got to see her beloved Vincent again, the one she secretly still haboured feelings for.

She awoke three days later, after spending time in the Eternal Light, a place she calls home. The Light was pure and lithe, beautiful and white...the tint she places upon herself in the hopes of that place accepting her once more. She doesn't want to be alive. The pain of what she had done was too hard, too much to bear.
She now wanders the street alone, searching for answers to her many questions. Is this a new life, a life to prove herself to the Light? Or is this a life to regrow within, along with the hidden power that lies within her heart?
Something stirs beneath the surface...and when it erupts, who knows what will happen then.