Random Chatters'/ J of the Wind's RP part 1

The me that is resting in this coffin underground until the next moon rises after the horrid night of halloween, is the me you are still in love with...

Then wait I shall, My love... No matter how horrible or disgusting a creature you may ressurect as... My feelings will not change. I shall embrace you in my arms as i did when you were of this world...

The feelings in your heart shall remain the same. Even if my heart may turn cold and lifeless, my feelings for you shall stay as if they were burning with the fire you brought into it them the first day you spoke. I shall promise to be the same no matter what becomes of me.

Oh, my love... It is almost as if you are still here with me... laughing. Smiling. Sheding tears in my arms... This horrid day shall not deter my thoughts of you. Forever will you be the epitomy of my existence... I shall leave a single rose petal on your grave every day until the day you rise again as my one and only...

I shall endure the pain of being alone and confined in the abyss of darkness that has swallowed me up, until the day I'm freed again. I shall watch from above the petals placed so elegantly upon my resting body. Then the day I come to be able to walk with the living, I shall hold the petals as if they were my source of life. As the the moon crawls upon the streets and frighten the sunlight away, I shall creep up behind you and hold you into the tight embrace I have longed to do.

My love... I wish You would have never suffered this cruel fate, and I was of no use to stop it. I miss you more than I ever have, yet I still feel comforted with the thought of your embrace. As long as you remain in my heart, I shall remain loyal. Provide you with what you need. Any sustenance it takes for you to stay with me... It may be too late to give you the world as I promised to you, but I wont let it take you away from me either!!!

My only wish is to remain in your heart forever. I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise of being with you forever. Death had seemed to catch me much earlier then I had ever expected. If I knew such faith would have befallen us, I would have left you months ago. Now it seems to be too late and all I can do is lie here and wait till I am allowed to fell your warmth. I do not consider dying to be such a punishment, the thought of being alone here without you is far more painful then any kind of damage to be inflicted upon me. Even though my body has gone cold and my heart does not beat anymore, my love for you shall remain the same.

To have left me alone would have taken my life away... I have always loved you. But this agony and torment of being alone! It pains me to bear this burden of guilt! Maybe the only way to end it... Is to join you as Romeo did for Juliet... A romantic end for us both, no? But I have to live on... But I do not wish to LIVE without you! Such conflict!!!

No! Do not think of such sinful acts. To take the life of an innocent one. I shall not allow it. This is a gift and yet a curse. I have been to prance about with the lifeless ones and give them the comfort nobody else can provide for them. I have sent to be alone so I can understand how it feels to lose a loved one. Through all this pain I have been given the chance to rise again after Halloween night and be loved by the person who had promised my the great life I cannot live alone. I hope for you to wait for me, by my coffin until that day.

Then wait I shall. I swear to you, this promise shall remain strong. Dont leave my love... Dont ever leave. My heart cannot bear much more. But as you have told me, I shall abide. Living is my only option now. Goodbye, my sweetest woman... I fear this dream is coming to an end... The dream I have of us being togteher has yet to be continued... Thank you for your last words to me... Farewell...

*begins to drift away*

-connection between two lovers weaken and spirit shows herself before leaving-

I must bid you farewell for now. I show myself to you and what has become of me. The darkness has wrapped it's sheets around me and turned me into the monster you see before you. But I promise my heart is as pure as it was at first. Like a newborns. Knowing no wrong and only innocence lingers upon me. I cannot speak to you again in this manner until the night I'm able to rise again and be in your arms once more. Now goodbye and please stay true until I come back.

-spirit gives a ghostly kiss that lingers upon your soft lips before she vanishes as if she was never there in your presence-

My love...

*sheds tears and lies down on grave plot*

I will my love... I WILL!!!! I shall remain here. You have never been more of a beautiful sight before my eyes... For you were here.

*gets up, finds a rose, and plucks a petal*

With this singl Petal, I begin my dedication to my lost one. The one who made my heart beat as a whole. The one who made me feel as kings do when they have wealth and a noble queen. As infans do when they are beside their mothers.

Never die. My heart will not allow it.

*drops petal and tear*

The sight of seeing the mortal cry for her made heart beating heart ache only more. The wind that danced along with the leaves came over and wiped away the tears he shed. "Do not cry for me," whispered the wind as it passed by and everything fell back down on the foundation. Not a stem of a plant shall move while they two lovers grieved for each other. This night was spent to mourn each other even when apart. The living and the non living, whose spirits lived for each other. This is a tale you would find no where else.