School Stuff:

I finally got my Classroom map done and Checklist. It was due Thursday and alot of work XD making sure i get measurements right and such. Its a 4th grade classroom in doing my fieldwork in and i could over hear most of the students whispering , why am i measuring stuff XD. It was so funny, I was really expecting that kind of response anyway and felt really akward, walking around with a tape measurer while the teacher was going over a lesson or a book with the class at times. So glad its over. Kinda miss it since it was time consuming, now i find myself wth a lot more time on y hands with only the observations left to do and the Alphabet book to work on.

H A I R on my head:

I'm thinking about getitng my hair cut short >_> I dunno i did want it to grow out and be nice and long but , it doesn't seem to be working out so well for me. I also want to get it colored a bit too, bt i really dont know whether i'd look okay with short hair or not. X_x I dont expect it too be getting cut short anytime soon though.


I want to go see corpse bride. I dunno if i can go this weekend, cause I really need to finish the critiques for my class and get it done early and overwith... I should probably haul my arse over too the library, finish it and then go. Since there is no way i will be able to concentrate and get anything of the sort done at home. Way to many distractions.

Want a pet?

OH. My kitty >_> (well not much of one anymore) is all preggie now. x_x I had been pretty short on cash with paying bills and new school schdule that causes me to work 3 times a week as opposed to my regular 5 time a week. And so i get paid less >_< So I never got to take her too the humane society to get her spayed, thne Katrina passed through, tore up the screen by the pool,which led to this. =_= I dunno what to do. Harldy anyone is home during the week, so if anything happends while were gone, i'll just have to hope everthing goes alright. Its really weird though ans she looks so funny now. Anybody want kittens?? XD Hey VV i know you want one.