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Ultra Special Blah blah blah.
Just random thoughts and such. Possibly I might even do some in character entries, but for the most part it's just the kind of stuff I would write in my *GASP* non-digital journal.
Shin -- Updated Profile!
ι Shin Misaki; Delicious 3' Lolita

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│ I. Shin│ [♡] [♡] [♡] [♡]

• - - - • - - - • - - - - - - • - - - • - - - •

Wanna know a little about me?

- Isn’t it obvious? I’m clearly a Female.
- There are this many candles on my birthday cake 329.
- I must be light compared to most people 35 lbs.
- I bet I couldn't reach things you could 3' 2".
- Guess what. I’m a: Vampire.
- Wanna know my ‘real name’? Misaki no Akushin.

Story Of My Life

- In the Beginning. . . Shin was born in a small Japanese village in the year 1679. Her mother was a village midwife, and her father was a European explorer who stayed in Japan after his ship was wrecked in a typhoon.

Shin was always a very sensitive child, and when her father disappeared she was only five years old. A year later, a terrifying monster arrived in the village and wreaked havoc. The blood-crazed vampire then targeted Shin as its next victim, and ravaged her throat. Instead of dying, however, she became a vampire herself. The mark of her ordeal is upon her, but usually covered by her thick hair--One ear is mangled and a tracery of scars extends all the way down to her collar bone.

-In These New Times. . .
Shin spends many of her nights nowadays in a melancholy sort of state. She is often unsure what to do with herself, and is well aware of the experiences and fun she is denied due to her appearance.

She still appears to be six years old, although she had matured over the years mentally as any woman would. She is usually quite a ruthless little creature, and has a wicked sense of humour.

She has an essentially happy nature, although this has turned slightly morbid due to the eccentricity that is bound to strike any vampire. She is occasionally prone to violent mood swings, and her ego is about a bajillion times too big for her.

Lately she has been occasionally struck by bouts of guilt, but these can usually be solved by going out and killing something. She is very defensive when it comes to people giving her sympathy, and can hold her own in a fight, be it a physical fight or a simple argument.

Yadda Yadda Yadda

- I love...
Word games and riddles

- Eww!
Being treated like a child

- I’d rather not say. . .
Religious things
Getting stabbed in the heart/beheaded

- I can take a hit!
Skilled with blades

- My weapon of choice would have to be a
Chain Scythe
-Given to her by one Count Zantara, Shin is still learning how to use this versatile weapon. The scythe and chain are made of an odd metal that is apparently unbreakable. The chain can retract into the scythe's handle and the entire weapon is capable of being hidden in something as small as a pocket.

-Shin is never without a multitude of small knives concealed upon her person at any given time. She is a master with these blades, and woe betide anyone who she turns these weapons on, for she has amazing accuracy.

They’re my creator and ruler
Shin~The ladle monster!

Shin~The ladle monster!
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    .....Did you use my profile format for Jazlynn?
    Without my permission?!
    How DARE you!

    I'm just kidding.
    It all good. You can use it. :3

    comment Moment`s Indecision` · Community Member · Wed Jun 03, 2009 @ 11:37pm
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