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    Hello there~ I assume you are here because you want to find out how to set up your new custom profile by yours truly, Moonr!se. Well you are at the right place! In this one entry, I will cover where to put your code, which profile type to use, and how to set up your custom sections [gallery, links...etc.]

    How to read the guide
    In the places to click or hover, I have went over them with blue gradient. ^^
    And the places to change or paste text in I have also went over them with blue gradient. C:


    First thing first...


    The first thing to do is to set up everything so it looks just right.

    1. Hover Over My Gaia and click Account settings.

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    2. Set your profile type to Classic.

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    3. Hover your mouse over this the gear symbol up near the top and click Profile Theme.

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    4. SET YOUR PROFILE THEME TO CUSTOM in the drop down menu above the Theme Override box.

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    If you don't...

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    5. Paste your profile code in the theme override box below.

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    Some people have ordered custom sections to be added in their profile.

    This is how it looks in your code:

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    Every "ol" stands for a custom section.
    #about ol = 1st custom section
    #about ol ol = 2nd custom section
    #about ol ol ol = 3rd custom section
    ... and so on and so forth. C;

    In the example provided above, I have only 1 custom section.
    But if I had a css 'excerpt' like this one...
    #about ol {width: 50px; height: 50px;}
    #about ol ol {width: 100px; height: 100px;}
    #about ol ol ol {width: 200px; height: 200px; overflow: auto; overflow-x: hidden;}
    then I would have 3 custom sections.

    I label the different ol tags, so you know which one is for what. ;3

    This is how it will look like in your ABOUT section

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    To make it work, you will put your links/images/text into these tags:

    So for example, if you have two custom sections, it would be like this:

    This is how it would look in your about section.
    Make sure for every [list=1] you have, you close it with [/list].

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    I hope you understood everything in this guide. ^^