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Ribbish's Poetry
In this I will put my poetry when i can find some of it :P
Oh dear god...
Ok, this is a rant, if you'd rather not read a long angry rant, feel free to leave now, this is a warning.

To the Gaia Populous: SHUT THE ******** UP!

All I see now a days is people complaining that so much on Gaia you have to pay real cash for, and that it's unfair to those that can't spend cash on here. Newsflash (lol 90's) WE HAVE A ******** MARKETPLACE FOR A REASON! WE CAN TRADE WITH EACH OTHER FOR A REASON! If you can't spend real money on Gaia, and I know alot of people can't, me being one, do what I do, earn some ******** gold. It's not that ******** hard, it's nowhere near as hard as it was back in '03/'04, play games, post, draw, make avi edits, learn to ******** Exchange, play the marketplace, these are just a few examples. Earn your ******** gold, it's *gasp* work, I know, but the best things in life are earned, not handed to you on a silver platter. "Gaia doesn't care about it's users anymore," Excuse you? How many items made from petitions have been made in the past year? How many features have been released you ******** were begging for? You sorry little ingrates. You take and take and take and then cry when Gaia doesn't offer you anything else. You b***h and moan even when Gaia gives you what you want, "OMG a blue chyaku norisu scarf! But there's 2 pixels off here, and some should be here and FUKKEN REMAKE! ******** U GAIA!"
You people ******** sicken me, you're given the blood, sweat and tears of the developers, and you ask for more. Not a one of you knows what these fine people are going through, they break their backs, they go days without sleep, they actually named some of the servers after food TO REMIND THEM TO ******** EAT! And then, to add insult to injury, they go into the GCD for maybe a thank you, maybe even a "This item/feature is nice," but no, what do they see? They see people ranting, and complaining, and outright INSULTING them. Gaia is a site for people ages 13 and up, so act your ******** ages. Grow up. You're acting like a little bunch of kindergartners.

Love, Ribbish

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