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Somehow alot of things changed within like the past 2 days. Somehow.

Goddamn me and my forgiving nature... always getting me into trouble...

Today was a good day. A really good day.

It makes me want to ... not even go through what I had originally planned for tomorrow.

But why would I feel that way?

I would of never felt that way before.

I shouldn't feel that way. Not after everything. Not when I know more things are just bound to happen...

... which is why I can't try. I want to give in so badly, but I absolutely can't. Not under any circumstances. Because I'll be hurt again.

I'm sorry I kind of ditched you Gab. I know things are hard for you right now, which is why I feel selfish I picked today to treat myself, but... can't you understand? I know what you said to me was right. It's bound to prove itself in the end. I don't know why I hope it would turn out otherwise.

I'm not going to sacrifice this anymore for something so breakable.

So ... I hope I can let myself be happy with what I got.

Why am I listening to Last Regrets while I write this?

That was always our song... It's still my favourite. It'll never be replaced in my heart for that reason. So I have no idea why I'm listening to it while I write about someone else...

But why am I hoping that for some reason, you really won't come tomorrow? Just so I can...

No, no, I don't feel that way.. surely not... It's just my feelings tricking me. It's just a shallow desire. It doesn't mean anything beyond that.

I have to be strong, for my own sake, and for him too.

Because... it can't be that way anyways.

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commentCommented on: Sun Oct 12, 2008 @ 05:43pm
You may be the most skilled writer in the entire world when it comes to being vague. I read your entries and am no closer at all to knowing who you are. -_-

Well, you wouldn't be writing that way if you intended every random reader to understand, so I guess it's working out for you. OH NO EPIC BATTLE

ninja pirate



commentCommented on: Sun Oct 12, 2008 @ 08:47pm
Tai, you are so random. XD Yes, this entry is pretty vague... but I wrote it like that on purpose, so that if certain people stumble onto here they can't figure out what's going on in my head, but I've still written about it so I can reflect upon it and keep my memories. You'd probably understand if I told you one key thing, but I'm not going to. >.>

Random chewing? In my journal?

Community Member
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